1. How are you doing lift tickets? Keystone and Breck are going to cost you outrageously if you don’t already have an EPIC pass… like $220+ a day. Copper isn’t cheap either.

  2. I'm lucky enough that funds aren't really an issue for me, so I was just thinking I'd buy individually each day.

  3. how? do you melee charge and crouch at the same time or somethng?

  4. I've done a similar thing by crouch sliding and jumping at almost the same time. You get the slide speed boost, but also keep the ability to turn. It works really well down stairs and slopes, or over small obstacles.

  5. I think the people who watch TF2 content on YouTube or twitch and the people who play the game regularly are sometimes different people. I've put over 800 hours in but I haven't played the game in almost a year. I still watch most of the video that are posted on YouTube.

  6. it reminded me of 100 lvl outpost in insurgency 2014

  7. It's strange, even though I don't think I've ever actually talked to you, I feel like I know you. Probably because of the hundreds of hours I spent listening to your voice. Thank you for everything you've done Mikee, Insurgency got me into realistic shooters as a whole and for that I will be forever thankful. Good luck in whatever you're doing next, and please let us know if it is anything to do with video games. Thank you.

  8. That 1 guy who vote keep skin kick gun need the doc stim

  9. How on earth has anyone done it? I can't figure it out, the highest I got was 12 meters.

  10. The post above this was that exact format, and the image was the same size as the black box.

  11. Sounds about right, my only real experience with an iPhone was an 8, and I remember that it didn't have it, I assumed that it hadn't changed since. When did they introduce it?

  12. It’s called Hyland hills in Minnesota. Really a bad place to ski lol it has under 200 feet of vert I think

  13. It's in Minnesota, there isn't much vert around here to begin with.

  14. Tap and hold on the notification, that you want to change. Then tap on the ( i ). Now you should be on the App-Info page. Tap on notifications. The highlighted one is the right one. Tap on it and change the settings to your liking.

  15. Moon hooch? They aren't jazz really, if that's what you're looking for.

  16. Yeah you definitely could. I believe I’ve seen Wenzl use a Neotech harness for bari/tenor before. Mike just got a new one for tenor that he posted about the other day. I’ll see if I can find what brand it was again

  17. Well I use the Neotech Soft harness. I’ve used it on both tenor and bari, but for me it’s a little awkward using it on tenor. It definitely works, it just never felt quite right. I’ve used the Soft sax strap by them for tenor and that one was pretty comfortable. If you’re looking to limit back pain, I’d definitely say go with the soft harness and see how that goes. Found it on amazon just now for about $30

  18. Do you mind dropping a link for that? I used a neotech one before, and I couldn't get the mouth piece high enough, I'd like to see if it's the same one.

  19. kite, use the perks and grenades more often, remember - the attacker has always an advantage so unless necessary , dont stand your point, prepare the terrain if it is salvage or another heavy ''place control'' mission. Make definetely use of your mobility options, look up fairly often, dont throw flares if not necessary

  20. I am, or I try to be atleast, whenever she's down on her self, I try to tell her that she's wrong. That none of what she's saying is true.

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