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  1. Agreed, Im currently detoxing on AG, and have plans to get the bloodwork done. Theres no real comprehensive studies, so im going to make my own.

  2. Currently looking at this based on it being on some podcast I listen to. Been looking for something similar but wondering if this is just a premium for packaging. Would be interested to hear of the results as well 🙏🏽

  3. My friends must not have copies or I must not have friends haha

  4. From the like 4 people that paid full price, it is a very good plot, gameplay is sorta meh.

  5. You have to be a either a big Digimon fan or enjoy Visual Novel games. There’s not that much gameplay but the story is enjoyable and nostalgic to Adventure + Mature theme vibes. There’s replay ability with several paths but tbh it’s kind of a slog to play through the majority of the game before the new paths take effect.

  6. Is Finizen really weak, or did I just get one with terrible stats? I don’t understand much about the meta

  7. do you read braille or what? my shit was one sentence ya goof ball

  8. Lol your response was literally complaining about “a little paragraph”

  9. he called you a goof ball.. you just gonna sit there and take that?

  10. what does it mean to be “pocketing wins?” had a game where the enemy team was arguing about one of their teammates doing bad and one of my teammates said “it’s okay (my gamename) is pocketing wins”. does that mean i was doing bad?

  11. And you seem to be wrong about most of them. Noh Varr was cast, but he might not be in the Young Avengers. We've already seen that Ironheart is replacing Iron Lad, and Skaar is replacing Hulkling.

  12. What makes you say Skaar is replacing Hulkling other than they’re both green?

  13. Havok is interesting because if you look at his history he really doesn't want to be a mutant.

  14. Havok is my favorite X-Men and I generally agree with what I know of him to be true with your post.

  15. Shit like this is why I will never buy into cloud gaming. You pay full price for a game that you don't actually own and that can only be played if you have internet connection. And it has to be a good connection that is maintained.

  16. Lmao. So 3 minutes before this as I’m reading I’m also wondering this and decide to Google briefly and didn’t get any answer until I realized they help each other get MP game trophies to assist in obtaining Plat.

  17. premiering it also reminds people its coming out. Additional chat capabilities with the premier too. Just wanted to test it out and see.

  18. Caught it while it was about 20 min in but was able to enjoy it regardless even if not in live chat. I’d continue!

  19. This was a great episode. Played some Overwatch on mute while I had this playing. Wasn’t too familiar with who this guy is but buying the audiobook. A lot of game dropped in this folks. Great hang.

  20. Lol he also has a work drive and could just be going to balance everything in a healthy way.

  21. Best episode by far. We all knew it was coming and the #GoldDevjl was great! The theme from the introduction to the chemistry between the two I really hope Matt becomes a West Coast Avenger!

  22. Burn and reborn in the flames of the Phoenix for that one 😂

  23. I understand why, I just disagree with it.

  24. No one will ever buy a comedy special from his site again. Louis CK doesn't release his specials on YouTube. Plus Andrew adding a million ads to his now YT special. Scumbag move.

  25. I’ll speak for myself and I’m sure there’s a majority of fans who will continue to buy his specials. This is Andrew Schulz we’re talking about. His whole thing has been YouTube. I knew it was a eventuality YouTube would get it. Schulz even told people to pirate it if they were too cheap or had difficulties getting it.

  26. You asked a question about how the old fans feel. I, a longtime fan, simply answered.

  27. This dude is bugging man. Asked a question. Got an answer. Unfortunately it didn’t fit his Twitter narrative 😂 I bet you if you’re 25+ you’re likely not one of the ones complaining. Fucking TikTokTwats generation be pressed.

  28. Mickey and Donald show up for like 3 or 4 seconds in the on the open road song. That's it haha

  29. Here’s our social media post and contractually obligated appearance/promotion for the movie Goofy…g2g ttyl adios!

  30. +Shield is generally my preferred way to play KH1. You get all of the best defensive skills early and I believe you get the earliest access to Lucky Strike as well. You miss out on Scan until a bit later but imo it's worth the trade off. -Sword or -Staff is personal preference, -Staff doesn't actually nerf your magic at all, just loses you some early game AP.

  31. Thanks I ended up going with +Shield/-Sword. Should have gone for +Staff/-Sword instead because ended up grinding til lvl 15 at Destiny Islands and currently lvl 23 and just reached Agrabah. Block is nice but the game enemies haven’t been too difficult where I feel like I benefit from +Shield skills.

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