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  1. Even though I have had my magic key for almost a year, I never quite understood how park hopping works.

  2. I think this is a problem with lot of MMO communities. Those well adjusted individuals who have a MMO they love and enjoy would rather just play their MMO of choice then post about it.

  3. While it easy to mock these kinds of people. Honestly its mostly just sad. That they can't experience the feeling of love. They can only truly understand and emphasize with the feeling when its through the lens of money and material to put a emotional value on it.

  4. Nothing to bad, certainly nothing as bad as what others accounted of.

  5. Thats impressive considering average steps as a cart pusher is 30-50k

  6. To be fair cartpushers are essentially payed to walk in circles nonstop for 8 hours so it does makke sense we do a lot of walking.

  7. Problem with doing time off requests around days off is they often would schedule around them.

  8. I think people sleep on just how amazing Blue Bayou drinks are. Both 31 Royal Street Signature Julep and Louisiana Lemonade are just so amazing.

  9. I feel like I am the minority on this. But I feel both sides are right.

  10. Do customers not act this way every day regardless of weather at your store ?

  11. The way I see it is core GG is largely a clique. Frynaut mention only ever talked to other GG members in game. So the whole "kicked because of vibes" probably has to due with GG always feeling he was a outsider.

  12. Him being kicked was handled bad due to it being overdue and the timing was no longer right but the he got a msg due to him starting to talk more ooc about something that happened IC. He was talking about how he can't imagine seeing them or talking to them again and how he thought they were friends and essentially they just didn't want it leading to him saying stuff he'll end up apologizing for later

  13. For sure Frynaut 100% was going into OOC about this. But I think it is also understandable sense way the kick was handled clearly showed it was also motivated by OOC so I think it fair to have that kind of reaction.

  14. Forced perma comments always feel cringe to me. Just let people RP the way they want, don't force your RP on others.

  15. Unfortunately there some really shitty people out there. Everyone has preferences and by making changes will not appeal to everyone. The important thing is you enjoy the changes and you feel it better represents the character you are trying to bring to life.

  16. As kid I was convinced that the ride felt longer/shorter based on what door you went in. But guess that was never true

  17. Funny my experience is the direct opposite. I seen so many mouthbreathers. People who do the most dumb things where they struggle to even figure out how to pull two carts apart. I will just stand and watch while they try to use the 1 brain cell they got. That or they just bang on the carts without thinking until they give up like a caveman.

  18. I’m glad you’ve found a way to have self respect for yourself, it’s inspiring

  19. Self respect is something you give to yourself. Other people can neither give it to you, or take it away.

  20. For decoration its absolutely Christmas. The tree, mainstreet, castle, small world, haunted mansion.

  21. GB: Pokemon RB (There not a ton of JRPG I played on original GB. I would put harvest moon above but its a stretch to call it a JRPG)

  22. Ahh, i feel like Stella Glow was very underrated. Doesn’t help that the company got bankrupt.

  23. It for sure went under the radar. I think partially because 3DS was so bad with JRPG people just wasn't looking or expecting a good one. Second closest thing I can think of was either Pokemon or Etrian Odyssey.

  24. I think when people say "Don't make political" they don't mean they don't want a story involving complex political strife. But instead I think they mean they don't want story elements directly inserted into movies that are direct analog to current day issues.

  25. Hello! You have made the mistake of writing "ect" instead of "etc."

  26. Thank you kind bot, it a mistake I have made many times in the past, and one I will continue to do so.

  27. So not only are we something like 10 heroes behind at this point, the release schedule for heroes is slower than in the past? Fucking ridiculous

  28. I haven't really been following OW2 but...

  29. Lot of positions are based on management.

  30. This happened to me a few months ago. It staled at the top in the generator room. We were stuck in place for about 20 minutes.

  31. Personally speaking I am not really competitive. I know my personal worth and if I feel like am treated with respect and paid decently I am happy. Reality is the world isn't fair, some make millions doing nothing, while some of the hardest workers makes pennies.

  32. The problem is it can cause conflicts later on. When I first joined a Cashier was promoted to CSM (when they were essentially leads at the time). It came out that she has been in a relationship with another Cashier.

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