1. It was already possible to do it it’s called drawing it. Fuck AI art bs it’s just a tool for corporations to avoid paying artists

  2. "I had a Car Engine for a math teacher. I told her she meant nothing to me.

  3. yup you can't not hear that in Isaac's voice lol

  4. I do this too. Like making tapes but don’t have vinyl of everything I want to record

  5. I hope to become a drone one day for someone. How did you find your owner?

  6. Drone found its owner while aimlessly wandering through discords.

  7. Congrats! Hopefully you can archive your human personality too! And maybe one day I can own my own drone lol

  8. Drone hopes you find yourself a cute and obedient drone to keep you company

  9. How is he as a person I’ve met some asshole musicians so I’m a bit weary of meeting him

  10. My friend met them in NYC and said they were lovely

  11. posted with permission from the moderation team

  12. Just a quick question. Is this link set to expire at a certain time or is it good for as long as the servers up and operating ? If the former, could it get one that lasts longer

  13. Drone has supplied a link that will not expire.

  14. It thinks there was just always something there. It remembers fervently watching YouTube videos of borg lore/borg assimilation explanations as a kid and not knowing why it was so fascinated.

  15. I just ordered on of these today bc my new deck came in and the erase head isn’t working.

  16. I’ve got the baby advents on my desk! Love them to death

  17. I did the ice cream dream one a few weeks ago while home with COVID. Really fun puzzle!

  18. Sarah squirm made me want to kill myself. Sal saved the vibe

  19. I travelled to NYC from Maine and am crashing at a friend’s place rn, been planning to go to this show together for months. Was terrified when it seemed like it might be cancelled

  20. KZ Stuff will get you the same or better quality than Shure at a fraction of the price. It’s not audiophile shit but for live use you can’t beat ‘em for the price

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