1. true but as a hacker couldn't you just give these "buffs" to all other players and that would result in innocent people getting banned.

  2. They could avoid it by tracking data of any potential cheater over so many games and use that to decide if they are actually cheating. If one person is always in a game and the people around them suddenly all have speed boosts on a consistent basis, it's pretty obvious that person is doing it. If you are a legit player and only have a handful of occasions where you've been 'cheating', that should be pretty easy to identify.

  3. Some of my best moments in the game have been when daemons do that, the hectic run for your life is fun.

  4. That ones bad, but the stupid robot one wearing clogs is far worse. 30 seconds of an annoying tune and Instagram attention seekers. Constantly, every time there's an ad on YouTube.

  5. It’s teammates not sticking together. I only play either solo or duo and rarely lose if the team sticks together, if anything it’s too easy for survivors now. It’s getting dull, I've not had a single close match since this patch came out.

  6. I played with a Kelly who did this the other day so I just stole her legendary shotgun. We’d already beaten the daemon massively, why be toxic on top of that?

  7. You're probably better off downloading Dolphin and emulating it on GameCube. Great game though

  8. Some people just like playing games on the actual hardware. Playing a retro game on a PC isn't comparable to playing it on the actual console with a real CRT TV.

  9. Are you saying the person that marked the Shemp's decided to pick it up instead?

  10. I’ve had so many matches where I play as Pablo or Ash 1 and people just won’t give me their Shemps. Then when they die you see they have 2-3 that they could have just dropped to save the team.

  11. If you buy the season pass will you get these skins?

  12. No, they are separate from the season pass content. The current season pass only includes the Classics Bundle and the Army of Darkness Bundle with two additional unannounced DLCs that will be released at a later time.

  13. Thank you, was considering getting it but don't think I'll bother now.

  14. What outfits did you get? I'm thinking of buying it but it's not exactly clear what you get.

  15. With Season 1 you're supposed to (afaik) have every costume with the exception of the Savini costume.

  16. Is it meant to include the preorder AOD Ash ones as well?

  17. Honestly, i was afraid that this would happen. This season, we've had

  18. There was far to many subplots this season and a lot of them felt completely unnecessary. The basketball team subplot was just boring in my opinion, I'd of much rather they cut it in favour of more Will.

  19. They could have honestly just completely cut team California and have them minus Argyle coming to Hawkins while Joyce is away on her sidequest.

  20. Yeah I completely agree. It would of been a lot better if Team California just regrouped with the others earlier, they still could of done all the military base stuff with El. I'm guessing because of the pandemic they kept the teams mostly separate?

  21. What's up with that? This is not the first time I hear about bad queue times over there. In Europe, I get ~1min solo queue times. Something is definitely not right with the matchmaking in NA, there can't be only a handful of players..

  22. Even at 3am on a weekday the queues are almost instant in Europe.

  23. Give me a source that the game is peaking. I have a source I can point to and thats its popularity on Twitch. Go look.

  24. Maybe it's just not a fun game to watch other people play? I love playing the game but would probably find it dull to watch tbh.

  25. If they are so worried about $ they should stop making stupid decisions in pogo. If they un-nerf incense and don’t proceed with nerfing remote raids, people will spend in pogo. If they have more events like the fossil research day, more players will be happy and spend in pogo

  26. It needs new major features as well. They've not done a major update in years, which is frankly embarrassing for a multi billion pound game and any minor features they do add are usually buggy or broken, like the friends list used to be. They love implementing pointless nerfs which just makes the game less enjoyable while not actually adding anything.

  27. People complaining that they have to sign up to see BBC content when Google, Amazon, Apple, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and every other outlet they’ve signed up for has been using their data for years……

  28. The BBC sounds sign in has broken like 5 ways that I used to listen to their radio stations and it offers absolutely no benefits.

  29. Then balance the game so that demons can keep pace with survivors in terms of levels without having to possession rush.

  30. They should be. The game is the most fun when you are having a massive battle at one of the objectives all together. It's least fun when you are being harassed endlessly by possession spam 30 seconds into the game. Personally my favourite moments in the game have always been fights where you are running from the red circle while fighting the demon, some additional pressure like that would definitely make the game more interesting.

  31. and the interface GPS (F5) also looks bad? In that case I don't think you can do anything except buying VR headset with higher resolution. Or you can't even read signs on the road? Or just use common sense, in city 50km/h, outside 80. And at some places with speed limit sign 70.

  32. The f5 one is fine, I just don't like that it's in the middle of the wheel and is so huge. It's just the satnavs you'd have in a real car/truck that's unreadable. I've been using the inbuilt one and one of the windscreen ones from the SISL pack. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any vr friendly mods that made them easier to read.

  33. Many of the games on my wishlist have been there for 4+ yrs and the sale % ARE THE SAME AMOUNT. Never change, always the same. [I keep em in case they get more reasonable....and they never change]

  34. Some of them on mine have actually gone up this year. American truck sim is usually £3.50 every sale, has been for years. It's now £4.12. There's quite few like that this year.

  35. If they want to encourage people to do in-person raiding, they need to fix raiding for people outside a major city. If they linked low activity gyms together and allowed them to fight the in the same raid battle, it would help rural players so much.

  36. Their completely delusional about how the game is played outside of those mega American cities. I'm a day one player who started playing the game in a very rural community and now live in a small city.

  37. The last few times I went to the festival it was quite local to me. I camped the first night then thought "fuck this" and go home the next nights. The cost of a taxi or the local bus didn't even phase me as I wanted a shower, my bed and silence so badly that I'd have sold a kidney

  38. When I went to Leeds festival my tent got ran over on the first day by one of those maintenance van things, the poles were so broken it was basically a tarp. I had too spend three nights in it.

  39. Imagine if you'd been inside.

  40. Yeah, luckily it was during the morning and I was out of it having a drink. Was pretty soul destroying seeing it getting crushed though.

  41. I hope EVERYONE stops buying from scalpers. I saw one on offer up and he/she has pictures of at least 20 of them. If nobody buys them they will be out SO much money and it will end scalpers. One scalper at a time

  42. The lack of a warranty alone makes it a terrible deal. If that console breaks in a year good luck getting your money back from these scalpers. Did no one learn from the joycon drift issue?

  43. In solo I see Henry is the most noobest players

  44. Yeah was surprised by that as well, vast majority of Henry players aren't very good in my experience.

  45. I finally had time to play the sim properly on my new PC, just got all the peripherals hooked up and ofc it goes down!

  46. Oh balls!! Nice way to kill your excitement on a new system...Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Congrats on the new PC!

  47. Thanks! Really looking forward to doing my first proper flight. I've done the customary fly around New York with a controller, just to see how it runs, but no actual flying. Was excited to try my first flight in VR, hopefully it's not down long.

  48. yeah I just found a 30 secs clip with his backstory

  49. I've always pronounced it te-pig, I dread to think how many other Pokémon names from that generation I've said completely wrong all this time.

  50. It doesn't even take mics to ensure there's enough cooperation/coordination to defeat the demon. Half of the time, if everybody understands that a honk means get in the car, they stand a pretty good chance.

  51. I’ve never spoken on mic and we win the vast majority of our survivor games as a two with two randoms. The only time you ever lose as a survivor is either because someone decides not to work as a team/dc or if the demon is a far better player.

  52. They could tell you it's 1/100 and it's possible you wouldn't find anything, then you'd call them out for lying and deceiving the players and taking them to court.

  53. No one would take them to court for lying if they stated the odds were 1/100, what are you talking about?

  54. What did they say the odds were last year? The year before that? Or the one before that?

  55. I'm not excusing them for lying about the "increase" on those events either, the practice is scummy and it's just as bad now as it was the first time. There's only one reason a company doesn't tell you the odds, it's to rip you off.

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