The heart & lung capacity & strength of trans women exceed those of cis women, even after years of hormone therapy, but they are lower than those of cis men. Total body fat was lower & skeletal muscle mass was higher among the trans women than among the cis women, but higher & lower than cis men.

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  1. And to think about how many subreddits I've been banned from for stating this exact fact. Good lord, I'm surprised reddit hasn't removed this entire post for misinformation yet.

  2. shit, i got one. How about giving me the super power of moderating reddit mods. That's the level its going to take to get through to these power abusers.

  3. Isn't ironic i come back to see a reply to my comment that mirrored exactly this, all to see that this post was removed by moderators of

  4. Sub-reddit moderators, abuse their power any place they can. All to shut down conversations with people they do not agree with.

  5. The only parts of the Constitution the left cares about are the parts that aren’t in it.

  6. What if the mods are the problem?

  7. Good luck, a reddit mod thinks of themselves next to god. So many bans for opposite viewpoints. Trash platform that encourages people to fall in line with their trash karma system. Agree with the masses or you don't get to speak. When you can speak the mods will make sure to take care of that for you.

  8. the official Republican Party platform, where it even exists because some branches have fully given up pretending that they’re legitimate a political party, always includes the firmly held belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

  9. Do democrat's not go on YouTube and watch the countless videos of their favorite politician switching their public positions entirely based on who they need votes from? They all switch their policy's to buy voters for next election cycles. Quit hating conservatives for the same shit your people peddled before it was unpopular.

  10. Where? When? Who was involved? You're just stating things based on your emotional reaction.

  11. Interesting, you really think anyone who voted for trump is an idiot? You're going to generalize half the population to simply being low IQ. Anyone with half a brain would understand that everything is on a spectrum. As much as you are correct, some are idiots. You are also massively incorrect by making that assertion. The law of averages already disproves all people of anything are one way or another. Then to attack religious beliefs..... i bet you think that there is no value to religion or a collective community who all believe in similar ideals. Regardless of who they follow. Just like a lot of comments on this post, when you think you know it all or make assertions about a whole. It just proves to everyone else, that you are the one with a suffering ability to calculate and see how complicated the world is.

  12. I can't remember the other two but I know he did not create tesla, he just brought out the people who did.

  13. No he bought the name from them. The business and idea was his to start. He just had to secure the tesla name.

  14. If anything, making that a nightly routine would be the perfect response.

  15. Some twist and some are pressed on. If you find that it will not unscrew, grab a pair of pliers and wiggle the tip back and forth. Could take awhile but itll break free eventually. Then use a lighter to soften up the oil. Either syringe the fluid out into a new cart or dump into a new cart all together. Syringe will allow you to keep more during the transfer.

  16. Countless things would contribute to increased tire temp. Scrub angle of the car, toe setup, downforce, all the way to steering gear ratio. However, i would reckon that the reason they have a harder time warming up but still end up faster. Is because of their DAS system. The ability to change the toe on demand. This would allow the driver to keep the tires in maximum grip situations. While at the same time offering more control over how those tires contact the road surface in a turn. In other words, when he needs more grip he can change his toe to gather that grip, well before others can while they wait for tire temps to come up.

  17. The DAS system is not in effect this season. It was banned in the regulations starting in 2021.

  18. Wow seriously? I can understand the changes to suspension and taking away from driver skill. Doesn't the DAS system arguably make it more skill based in FAVOR of the driver? Why kill innovation that enhances driver ability?

  19. I go with nobo brand, just stay away from the disposables. They have 2 tiers of carts, the nobo normal and live resin. If you like your carts to have a taste make sure to get the live resin carts. Mitten extracts and terpene tanks are both good alternatives.

  20. You're upset that something is being built? or are you just upset at WHAT is being built? Either way, who gives a fk.

  21. Where I live the average house price has risen to the point where without a substantial deposit (which is impossible to achieve given the extortionate price of rent) you can't even afford a mortgage on a cardboard box.

  22. Mate, quit being a victim. Bought my house at 25, 30 miles outside the main city for around 100k. Stop trying to live in places run by shitty democrat policy's. Move out to the outskirts or more, you do not need a 4 bedroom house. Never understand how its society's fault you cant afford a house. Its your fault you cant afford it in the area you want to stay in.

  23. That this new threat against China and Russia wouldn't be half as bad if Nato allies paid for their agreed upon amounts and used their militarys.

  24. Face it, conservatives. All you are voting for is anti-democrat. That's your whole personality. Trump was a loser, Dixon is a loser, anyone who tries to get in the way of fair elections is a loser. You have no right to give a shit about what women do with their own bodies in their own spaces.

  25. Face it, you spend too much time on reddit. Sitting inside of your echo chamber. Its ironic you would talk about fair elections. As the democrats are pushing for no ID voting, mail in ballot harvesting and so on. The irony is lost on you, that anyone could look at the state of the country and still vote blue. Every since democrats got into power the country, economy, and world policy has gotten worse. The democrats do nothing but point fingers and call names. We conservatives claim to be the "good guys", most conservatives get upset when they vote or do stupid shit for us and the country. However, on your side of the isle, democrat can do wrong. Whitmer herself sending covid infected into nursing homes. Killing countless older folk, while still refusing to release the numbers to the public (super illegal) Constant house parties while locking down the public. Man can openly say he killed a teen for political reasons, dude gets off with low bail. The countless democrat's encouraged rioting during a pandemic. Most of the criminals are still yet to see charges. As the DA for these areas are democrat. I could go on and on about real and provable things the left has and are doing to hurt this country's and stir up division. However, you're too far stuck in your delusional echo chamber to even consider an open dialog. Keep voting blue and watch the whole country go red.

  26. Welcome to identity politics and culture. Nothing but trash in group policy's or censoring those with opposing viewpoints.

  27. Right? Debt, especially hospital and college debt is so normalized here yet affects your life beyond measure.

  28. Too bad the only reason these two things are so expensive is because the government wont get their hands out of things. The regulations in healthcare only drive prices up. Why? because those regulations are lobbied for by big pharma. Holding patents for longer than necessary. Pushing for generics to be banned. Then you look to the college problem. Colleges know they can charge whatever they want for tuition because the government is guaranteeing these loans. Then the banks know that you cant declare bankruptcy on student loans. So those banks do not have to access the risk of loaning the money in the first place. So you end up with tuitions rising year over year. Interest rates making it impossible to pay off the loan. Anyone going to college today is a moron and most likely will be paying those loans the rest of your life. This is all because people keep thinking bigger government is a good thing. They do nothing right, and in every single situation where they get involved. the process becomes harder and more expensive. Only one party i know of like smaller government, and its not the fkwitts in office now.

  29. I do not care what an organization says about gender. Are you so stupid to understand how things have been for all time? Two genders, nothing more. Anything else is a mental disorder. I can say for 100% certainty, im not trusting an organization that will not acknowledge Taiwan as an independent country. Proves to me they will actively lie to stay in power.

  30. Im suspicious of a party that pushes policy's that can only come from bigotry of soft expectations. That is the left today. Anti-racism has become the new racism. Conservatives care about individualism more on a whole than the cult of identity politics that is the left.

  31. They tend to make posts like this. Further pushing it into culture constantly. Like Morgan Freeman said, "You want to stop racism? Stop talking about it". Oddly the most focused people on racism end up being a racist themselves.

  32. Quite vague overall, is the smoke white? does it happen under heavy load or while idling after "racing"? owning one of these cars myself. If you have stock turbos I may have bad news for you. Pushing these stock turbos hard, as the miles increase. Leads to two things, one your turbo seals sound like their giving out and allowing small amounts of coolant into the housing. This leads to having smoke leaving the exhaust. the second, I would not be surprised if you have a 30ff code right around the corner. Depending on miles and use the bushing that controls the waste gate eventually loses enough tolerance that the turbos can no longer build boost. This will force the car into limp mode. Good luck and hopefully I've given you some new information to work with.

  33. tell me this is a joke. you mean to say classified documents unsecure in his home on his desk isnt evidence? what part of that makes anyone except people who say theres no evidence against Trump delusional? im not even a leftist

  34. Presidents could walk out with files and not a damn person could stop them. Why? because he is the end all be all of declassification. Braindead if you don't understand he can leave with whatever he wants. You cannot expect a president to able to work out deals without the ability to declassify anything at any time. Imagine he talking trade deals with Germany and he cant release info to help his point. He does not need to check with anyone before walking away with files. Hes in the highest position there is, you cant have him answering to people, on what he can and cannot declassify.

  35. “But the folders were EMPTY! EMPTY!! It’s a nothingburger”

  36. Every single president in history has had a presidential library. Ontop of that, the president is quite literally the end all be all of declassification. He does not have to answer to ANYONE to declassify documents. If that were the case it would be impossible for a president to make deals. As they would need to get clearance to declassify things to speak about them. Cult members know the rules of the cult, yet have 0 idea how the government works.

  37. Look into what snoozing an alarm does to a humans sleeping cycle. The results are quite scary. When you hear that shit go off, get up no matter what.

  38. Its pretty speculative, however my vote would be. The state smoking puts you in emotionally opens up the ability to get into a "flow state" easier. Flow states have been studied, just not enough to understand them fully or what allows someone to enter. Fighters, gamers, sports, and racing all have shown that people enter these hyper focused states depending on circumstances and seemingly pervious experience within that state (once you've experienced one its easier to enter). Oddly close to what powerups do in anime or comics. Wish we had more information on this topic as I'm madly curious how we can induce this state for people's benefits.

  39. Not sure how this myth hasn't been sorted out and fixed into social norm. Only bones that have been cooked splinter and create problems. Uncooked bones are fine for dogs. Its how they ate before being pets anyway.

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