1. So creepy! And such a personal violation. I hope she can report the person to the authorities for stalking.

  2. Those people are BIG mad at the cast. I was like bruh! Them folks don’t owe you shīt. Go touch some grass!

  3. Oopsies! Let us get back to you in 3-5 business years

  4. Anybody wanna place bets on those “in time for the holidays” promises not being on time for the holidays?

  5. Lmao. Yeah, like what else does this dude lie about?

  6. There is so much going on here. The Texas chainsaw massacre shed, sand/dirt floor, spring wedding guest attire with Timberlands, random dirty furniture, an old school black & white TV with a colored & poorly photoshopped fight promo, a random shirtless man who just finished performing an Usher tribute. He’s smiling, she looks miserable, they’re 8 feet apart straining to hold each other’s fingertips. NOTHING here makes sense. None of it! I won’t even point out the strange object in the top corner that looks like a dusty jet engine that got photoshopped in because why not!

  7. I said it in the beginning of the season and I'll say it again. . NANCY IS THE DEFINITION OF A PICK ME ! And on top of that she lives in la la land like literally ! She was not blindsided at all ! It's like when things are right in her face she still decides to look up and smile at the clouds 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Lmao! This read! I like Nancy but I don’t disagree with anything you just said! I’m want to shake her for continuously saying she was blindsided. She admits that she felt thrown under the bus with the abortion conversation but thinks he just “accidentally” over shared… ok girl.

  9. Have you ever went to school in the south? Slavery is talked about but is way downplayed. In the worst cases, it’s treated like something that was beneficial for the Africans involved.

  10. I was taught as if Africa was an enthusiastic participant in the “triangular trade.”

  11. I’m currently living in Scotland, and the course linen produced in Dundee in the 18-19 century were primarily exported as clothing for enslaved peoples in the Americas. British banking traded off of the intercontinental slave trade for decades after slavery was illegal in England and its colonies.

  12. Did y’all just “all lives matter” a discussion about slavery in the U.S.?

  13. I thought Raven was wrong for doing jumping jacks. But seeing how vapid Bargain, I probably would have done the same. Raven had to stay sane, and jump jacks is what kept her from going crazy listen to him.

  14. Yep. Especially since he’s as deep as a puddle. His “deep” “being vulnerable” story was about his mom being a serial cheater & getting caught.

  15. dang i just not have been paying full attention because i did not catch… crazy how he threw nancy under the bus in front of his family with that abortion hypothetical 😅

  16. Lol he told all his mamas business with that story. From what I gathered:

  17. "I dropped them off at the local day care and let them know you'd be paying when you pick them up! Hope your day is going well!!"

  18. One of my best sexual partners ever had a micro peen, he was just very generous in bed and we had fun

  19. Can I be a creep and ask you to elaborate on what “very generous” means?

  20. I think he has autism and mental health issues that have never been addressed or treated.

  21. It absolutely baffles me that he is very clearly mentally unstable and may be on the spectrum and nobody has intervened. The state took his kids, he’s on national TV & all over the internet behaving erratically and… it just continues to get worse. I know he’s an adult but someone should at least be able to get him committed on an involuntary basis.

  22. Wow! She really mastered her English quickly! Pole is probably still using his translator app to talk for him.

  23. Thank you for this!!!!!!!!! A had a few people come at me like I was crazy when I called it out recently. A nazi tattoo IS NOT AN INNOCENT MISTAKE!

  24. Not at all! I was super convinced by perusing the memorabilia 🤢 linked above. Also, compare it and the tat to the present day Coatian flag as Debbie claims. Clearly ustase.

  25. It’s wild how people are so quick & aggressively come to his defense. I’m glad you posted your proof but it shouldn’t have even been necessary. Like EW!! You’re trying to explain away a nazi tattoo & get all hot & bothered when people say it’s fucked up??

  26. Them staying mute was weird to me. And the two who chimed in (Brennan & Matt?) were both like 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t know nothin!!

  27. I think it was another case of the same story told two ways. Cole probably drunkenly had an innocent conversation with a woman who was throwing herself at him & gave him her number.

  28. I said this elsewhere but it was a classic sleazy politician move on his part. He immediately sprang into action to re-direct the conversation so he wouldn’t have to take a stance on either side.

  29. Z’s insecurities gave her an entirely different understanding of what happened. Looking at the scene, everything she said happened, happened nearly verbatim.

  30. Lmao!!!! I was thinking this! That hair was aggressively Karen! That bob was BOBBING!

  31. Sooo… his ex’s bad behavior excuses him for exhibiting abusive behavior toward someone who had nothing to do with his past? Nah. FOH!

  32. I think he was being super dramatic looking for someone to give him an “amen!” and get the Z dragging started. Lol it was the equivalent of a slow clap that nobody joined in on 😂

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