Post Game Chat 10/8 Mariners @ Blue Jays

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

You got me stone faced

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  1. The thing about floor-less shelters is they don’t keep the mice and other small creatures out

  2. I have two GSP’s both naturally birdie and great family dogs

  3. If you join a team ride it out to end of season Grind to get better

  4. ONX maps is the way to go. Just pre download maps. Put phone on airplane mode

  5. Game wardens know how to read tracks. Put the phone down and shoot it

  6. As much as you want to deny it. That collision won us the game. Sucked all the life out of that team

  7. It’s a Cracker Jack box. You just don’t know what ya gunna get

  8. Last time I checked guns don’t shoot all by them shelves takes a person to pull the trigger.

  9. He’s probably reading the teleprompter and someone on his team is making him look even more foolish

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