1. No idea, my guy. Cyrus didn't look like that in my play through.

  2. Well actually. Are you playing the PS5 or Xbox Series S/X version?

  3. Btw. Steph wears this outfit in Chapter 4 on Life Is Strange True Colors.

  4. It increases the capacity of explosives.

  5. Yes. The max capacity of explosives that you can have up to 30 sticky bomb or grenades.

  6. And it’s gotta be on Hard Difficulty. Failures are ok but if you or your heist mates dies on ANY SETUP OR FINALE, then everyone’s challenge will be reset.

  7. Almost forgot to say. Tap to enlarge picture. And relax it’s not anything stupid.

  8. Same that's the one that doesn't have a PS4 disc. Need to buy a vita

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