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Royalty has no place in modern society

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Man eats kabob in front of animal rights activists in Manhattan, NY today

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. I’m very glad to come to the comments and see literally every one calling this out as rude, unnecessary, and not representative. This community is full of decent and empathetic people. Don’t change.

  2. That and when they are like “HUHHHHH YEAH! HUGHHH YEAH!” or generally sounding like they are taking a shit

  3. Grunting quietly because you’re afraid someone in the house might hear you is both how I shit and also it’s own specific genre of porno noises. Nature is beautiful.

  4. You guys make sounds when taking shit?

  5. Grunting quietly because you’re afraid someone in the house might hear you is a very specific genre of porno noises, and also the sounds I make when taking a shit.

  6. The hang up on the gays is so weird. Like, you can argue that abstinence until marriage and sex with a single faithful partner are ways to avoid HIV… but that would work even if you’re gay.

  7. That doesn’t mean that’s a requirement by law.

  8. I know. I was hoping you’d have a reason you feel strongly otherwise that you were going to share.

  9. Because in many other laws gain is more than just financial, because why would they limit laws like that?

  10. Because I think that the intent of the law is to prevent exploitative labor. I looked into the definition from the US government’s website and it has to involve some form of labor. The UN website’s definition isn’t as explicit, it only says for the purpose of “exploitation”, but all the examples it gives are exploitation for prostitution/labor. I don’t know where to find the actual law as it’s written though so profit could mean political clout.

  11. Sorry, what do you mean ‘their method of communicating the concepts changed’? They used different scripts over the millennia, sure, and the language changes both gradually and at points into discernibly different languages. The meaning (by which I mean the phonemes represented by) of each hieroglyph stayed static. If you’re arguing that they followed trends of using specific hieroglyphs for one phonetic value then over time a different one, you’re wrong. Hieroglyphs encode sound, the combinations make words and words have meaning. The individual hieroglyphs are not able to be read on a rebus principle. Source: have PhD in Egyptology.

  12. Hieroglyphs were phased out as the signifiers which represented the signified concepts and alphabetical writing took it’s place. That’s where the evolution is.

  13. Sorry, I’m now replying to you in two places… the hieroglyphs themselves do not have a signifier value. They are phonetic. Alphabetical writing certainly post dates hieroglyphic, but it’s not an evolution, as the Pharaonic Egyptian language evolved into the Coptic language, which is related, but distinct. They don’t just go ‘hmm, letters are easier than pictures!’ I think we’re also conflating script and language, which is making this more confusing to discuss!

  14. Haha it’s really funny that a discussion about the imprecision of written language for communicating concepts might have broken down over a misunderstanding of wording!

  15. Okay but a few of those don’t have to do with natives and quite literally had to do with the Confederacy.

  16. (I will preface this that I barely know shit about this stuff beyond high school history. So yeah it disqualifies me from commenting.) The Native economies were not as bad as how the confederacy handled its economy. And that several tribes have already had wars before being conquered. I have been corrected that some Natives did fight with the confederacy and owned slaves. But many others didn’t so that one was originally on the list but it’s kind of a wash. And the last two are really semantics. Being that the Natives did not revolt as compared to the rebels and the last thing about bitching and whining about oppression as the CAS was not oppressed and the Natives were heavily.

  17. I tried googling “Sherman and Grant versus the Native Americans” because the whole thing sounded so strange.

  18. Must be great for her to able enjoy the colonial loot while conveniently disassociating from all the evils. In that case, she can start by returning the trillions all those people stole, to the right countries. Esp what the royal family keeps, first.

  19. She doesn’t have trillions of dollars of colonial loot to enjoy, or to return. She benefitted from colonialism the same way that every first world country’s upper class did; The colonies’ economic policies were arranged into uneven trade relationships that boosted the colonial powers’ economy. The big companies profited off the trade creating wealth for their shareholders, cheap goods and above inflated wages for the citizens, and large tax revenues the government invested into the country.

  20. As i said, start with what the royal family owns and still keeps locked up. If they are simply not willing, thats no different from a thief refusing to return the loot. And it would be no ‘magnificent gesture’. She has refused even symbolic gestures earlier.

  21. I'm not sure what you mean by keeps the family business running. You may be misunderstanding the role the monarchy holds in the operation of the government of the United Kingdom. The Queen's role isn't like the president, or the Prime Minister, they aren't involved in running the government, and the UK's government hasn't been able to afford to be a colonial power since they bankrupted themselves in WW2.

  22. A quick glimpse at this persons comment history would show you that he meant it in a nationalistic manner.

  23. Most insults against nations are. It is not the insult portion of his comment which contains substance worth discussing. My original criticism was that adding the insult was a poor choice.

  24. You’re giving this guy praise when he was way off from the beginning. You’re trying to spin around his comment into something that is not lol

  25. My praise was of the correct information from the first half of his comment: that this map post does not contain new data and was intentionally misleading.

  26. That's like saying we shouldn't prosecute people who falsely claim rape because someone may need to legitimately claim rape later.

  27. That is why I would like to know more. It is a lot of individual instances that I wouldn’t want to paint all with one brush.

  28. I think you can distinguish between lawyers bringing cases with evidence and lawyers bringing cases based on already debunked evidence.

  29. This conversation inspired me to look around the Project 65 website, and having found that they publish the complaints there I gave this one a read.

  30. Thank you for replying. If you don’t mind me asking, is it interchangeable in meaning with “OP”, or does it signify something specific? I had thought “OP” would already be gender neutral,

  31. Yeah OP is english for Original poster. Could theoretically use that in german too I guess.

  32. Ah, I see. It is neat that Reddit in German differentiates female OP’s from male. I’ve never heard that before, I’m the English version it’s always just “OP”. That’s a fun fact to know. Thank you :)

  33. Yeah hold her accountable for that time that she was the British empire

  34. I remember the chapter is my history book when Queen Elizabeth went off against everyone’s wishes and personally colonized half the world. She was terrifying. I’m glad someone is out there spreading the truth that Queen Elizabeth was personally responsible for all colonialism.

  35. This person is poorly informed. I’m not on the other side of this issue, but if you’re keeping up with events you know the classified documents were taken alongside many unclassified documents that were stored with them. The DOJ had a warrant which allows for this, and wants to introduce those articles as evidence of the storage conditions for the classified documents.

  36. That’s life. Elon Musk inherited his wealth. Even merit is good genetics or upbringing. Nothing is fair.

  37. Since 2014 many Ukrainians have left and Russians have moved in. The demographics of the area are substantively different than they were when Ukraine controlled the oblast.

  38. I looked up the census data and you’re right, even before the occupation Crimea was almost entirely ethnically Russian, and it’s probably gotten more so. That gives me even more questions about the situation, but I understand a little better why the conversation has this tone.

  39. Oh yes definitely, it has been majority ethnic Russian for a long time. I meant to say (I should have been more specific) that there is also a sizeable contingent of actual Russian citizens now living in Crimea who moved from other parts of Russia in the last 8 years. Presumably most of them would leave without much prompting if Ukraine got it back. I think some already have now that it's so close to the front line. I would guess that most Ukrainians view these Russian carpetbaggers as invaders also so cutting off their utilities is no big deal.

  40. Thank you, this context has been very helpful. Especially the small bit of Cold War history explaining the demographic. The conversation around the subject is very heated and it has been hard to find information of substance among all the passion and bots. Much appreciated :)

  41. This is embarrassing. Being contrarian is fun, but you have to know these things are not the same.

  42. If you actually looked at the quote, Zuckerberg said their decision was in part driven by an FBI notification that Russia would soon be putting out an information dump. They didn’t tell Facebook in what form it would come, and they never compelled nor asked Facebook to take any specific action. They certainly did not threaten any repercussions, and they couldn’t if they wanted.

  43. This is why it’s important to watch the source material, especially when you dislike or disagree with the speaker. Misremembered summaries, deceptive edits, and clickbait articles can be approximately true and devastatingly inaccurate at the same time. More people need to be conscious of outsourcing the legwork in forming the opinions they are passionate about. History’s greatest mistakes were all made very confidently.

  44. I mean, quite literally. And it worked for the person you're replying to. Humanized him and now spreading his message, while pretending to be persecuted- "I'll probably get downvoted for this"

  45. There’s the rub though, you’re publicly shaming him for predicting he’d be persecuted. You’ve gone and made him honest.

  46. Do you vote? Why bother? It's not like one vote actually makes a difference

  47. I do not vote third party, not because I do not believe their ideas, but because in order for my individual impact to affect change in a system that functions like this it has to be backed by the votes of a significant population of others.

  48. Stay on topic please. The premise of your prior post was that voting with your wallet - or lack thereof - is pointless because your dollars will not make an impact. And there is some truth to that. However one can make the same argument about voting for one of the two major American political parties. One could say that it is pointless because one vote will not sway an election. Your argument essentially states that no one should try to make any difference.

  49. Your references with this context help to demonstrate what I’m saying. The number of vegetarians are rising, but the production of meat is not falling in relation, it has continued a trend of increasing. Although we have more individuals making the choice to avoid meat, the amount of meat being produced in the US is close to a 40 year high point regardless.

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