Have been spamming the F1 sub with paddock photos but it’s been such an incredible experience I have to share the backstories!

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  1. Does anyone here ever believe the United States military will ever have boots on the ground war with Mexico to stop the cartel? Me personally don’t think so because of the CIA’s involvement in the narco world. But would like to hear from others.

  2. No, I don't think the Mexican people would ever welcome that. If it ever did happen, it would probably end up being another Afghanistan situation.

  3. I would disagree when you say the Mexican people would never welcome it. How many of them are begging for help from the government that is completely corrupt? Trying to seek justice for their innocent family member dying due to narco violence. That number of people is only growing larger unfortunately. I could potentially see the US getting involved in the future after so many years of profiting from the narcos. To eventually be profiting from the war that will be in Mexico.

  4. There would definitely be a significant portion that would be happy to see the US invade and fight the narcos, but that would probably be limited to people in large towns and cities. Most people in rural areas where the narcos have their bases view them as heroes, despite the murders and rapes. They're brainwashed and would do anything to resist. I've seen this firsthand. I feel it would get ugly, quick.

  5. Yeah I didn't mean I expected him to act or sound differently. Nothing wrong with it. But I remember it was such a contrast compared to what just happened and what we've come to expect from movies for example.

  6. No worries, I get it. I actually have a thing where I laugh when I get traumatic news. I don't think it's funny at all, nor do I mean to laugh and devalue the situation, but it's just what happens to me in those situations. Humans have different reactions to trauma. Like you said, it's not like the movies.

  7. You're not alone. My whole life has been trauma so I just learned to cope with a seriously dark sense of humor. Like I make orphan jokes constantly (what's the best thing about dating an orphan? Quiet in-laws) and just have to laugh shit off or I'd break down. It's a way of coping and processing without losing your shit.

  8. that's true. there are some scars that just don't heal. I had so much shit damage me when I was young that sometimes I feel like I'll never be a normal person because of it. Everyone has their way to cope.

  9. most of us swamp dwellers just bathe in the ocean since we all live 5 minutes from it

  10. real FL chads bathe in filthy canal water that's been contaminated by fertilizer runoff

  11. I assure you, my dear FBI agent, the 3 tons of nitrogen fertilizer I purchased for delivery to my studio apartment is intended for purely nutritional reasons.

  12. I'm gonna pull up to the theater for this movie in a red three-piece suit.

  13. They have forgotten that that is the reason we have things like unions, contracts, and worker protection laws. They need a few "reminders".

  14. if you think about it intuitively for a second that makes sense, as you pick the low hanging fruit in terms of disruptive discoveries and innovations it will naturally get harder and harder to keep doing so.

  15. This is pretty much spot on. Most academics today will spend their whole life working on a small, incredibly specific subfield. It'll be to the point where most high-level math papers are really only able to be fully understand by maybe a dozen people in the world.

  16. Like seriously is this the hill the woke crowd wants to die on. Trevor was a rapist, degenerate, and psychotic killer.

  17. I'd follow Chivas to the third division rather than become a Cruz Azul fan

  18. They were never Chivas fans they were posers. Sigo con el Rebaño Sagrado hasta la muerte

  19. Ahuevo. As much as I clown on them, I'd rather die than support another club. Proud to be a Chivista.

  20. A donde encuentran estas personas? 🥹 porque con el que ando ni eso hace ya 😪

  21. La verdad si y eso peor que al principio fue bonito y detallista pero ahora nada ☹️

  22. That’s the problem he doesn’t need a haircut he needs to let his hair grow a bit longer and wilder, he also needs a bit a scruff on his face and he’s competing with the Ferrari boys for looks.

  23. I support Chivas solely because my boyfriend is a hard-core fan. I was watching the game with him and told him, really? I became a Chivas fan for this???

  24. I pretty much only follow the femenil team, nowadays. The men are an embarrassment.

  25. Omg lol the state of Mexican soccer 😂😅😂

  26. I just wanna chime in to the OP about his desire for the nice wedding.

  27. My husband (Mexico) and I (US) were in the same situation. We ended up doing the K1 visa and, of course, applied the February right before the pandemic hit so everything got super delayed. After he finally got approved, we planned a wedding in Mexico within the 6 month time frame they allow you to use the visa, so that his family could attend. He was planning to move to the US after all, so I felt like he should have a chance to see all of them before leaving. It was special and my closest family was able to travel to be at the wedding as well. We have been married since the end of November. The immigration rules in the US are ridiculous and we are currently waiting for his EAD card and adjustment of status (green card) to get approved (waiting since February). The whole waiting process puts a lot of strain on the beginning of a marriage. But I know one day it will be easier. Best of luck to both of you. If you both want it, just know it is possible! 🙏🏻

  28. I don't know what type of life he would have led after school, all I know is that he had a right to live and it was taken from him by a massive coward. RIP Joaquin. We will miss you, always.

  29. I think a lot of us pulled this when we were young lol, only works when youre young though.

  30. Idk, this is how I got my first GF when we were both 25. I was a kissless, handholdless virgin but just went for it. Tbf, I was super drunk not just pretending.

  31. I would agree with you, although I don't know what is behind the scenes. Nobody does. On the surface, it does seem like a stupid decision. If I was an up-and-coming driver, I'd rather compete against Ocon than against Norris. But Piastri probably knows alot more than me.

  32. It’s worse than I thought, the price of bitcoin on Jan 2012 was $5.27 and never dropped below 4.83 for the entire year… though generally on an upward trend ending at $12.56.

  33. I still just don't get how someone who is in IT is okay with throwing away a hard drive. I keep all the hard drives from any PC I've owned going back to 2005 because I'm so paranoid about losing anything valuable that may still be there.

  34. Yeah really don’t see why anybody would want to drive under mclaren. Seems like he’s promised everyone under the sun an f1 seat

  35. This is what I've been thinking. Really makes it seem like they're not loyal to their own people. I think it will backfire eventually.

  36. Does McLaren not have their lawyers review things before drawing up contracts? What a lack of due diligence...

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