1. Ah you know just a bit of saving peoples lives on a few occasions. Fighting for my own life. Basic man stuff you probably wouldn’t know about it.

  2. The little black book is public, unfortunately, it's also full of business contacts.

  3. I'm saying there's no list that hasn't been revealed, Maxwell did name 8 people she claimed were John's in the trial and those names were sealed since it was unproven accusations at that point in time.

  4. The 8 names you’re referencing are the “John Does” from a 2015 civil lawsuit brought against Maxwell by Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre, not her most recent trial.

  5. "Oh no teen girls are getting their tits cut off! There are fewer of them for me to sexually objectify! I don't have the 8+ years of higher education a doctor does but my opinion coming from my pants is more important! "

  6. Not saying it’s conclusive, but the ambulance does have “LSJ” on the side of it. Presumably meaning, “Little Saint James,” the name of Epstein’s island.

  7. The fact that this is not how this (taxation) works at all and this post has so many upvotes is depressing.

  8. The “tons” of studies saying that mRNA vaxxes pass through breast milk - hopefully ones that weren’t “revised” when the information in the post/article here was published.

  9. You actually think its a lie to actually judge the credibility of quotes based on who says them and their reputation?

  10. Again, where did I say I was solely interested in this quote because he’s a public figure?

  11. So they bring out the clumsy JB to fall off his bike when we need a distraction?

  12. I will say there’s a difference when the clumsy JB shows up and the JB who does the State of the Union address. The clumsy JB can’t walk up a flight of stairs without falling over - and the State of the Union JB shows up and is sharp and articulate. I just thought they made him sleep for 3 days prior to the State of the Union - that or cocaine. Haha

  13. OP doesnt have to do shit i say, i think the wierd manipulation is taking place when OP attributed a quote to someone who did not say it.

  14. Or maybe, just maybe, nothing nefarious was happening here.

  15. Then why didn’t she react when he initially put his hand on her shoulder? And only reacts that way when he moves his hand to her chest?

  16. She clearly elbows him back with her right elbow right after he maneuvers his paw over her nip, then he pulls back casually and keeps talking. Chicks I have shown this too are even more certain, being girls and having sensitivity to this stuff. It's always Yep! Absolutely he did it. They are watching the girl, not him.

  17. I have a feeling that “inappropriate websites containing sexually explicit content” are just resource sites for students who might be queer and/or unsafe due to their identity.

  18. There is nothing about that in the resources section. Do you have a link to support your claims?

  19. Right. Which is why I said he’s being treated differently than anyone else would be. Because that would absolutely constitute a danger to society in terms of bail consideration.

  20. Well I knew what point you were trying to make, I just wanted you to say it explicitly. This proves the point I was making, which is that "groomer" is just an anti gay dog whistle. And your point is completely baseless and bigoted. Straight people can be pedophiles just as much as gay people can be pedophiles, and the vast majority of both gay and straight people are not pedophiles.

  21. And when straight people try to teach and introduce things to kids about sex, sexual identity, or anything else I’ll fucking call them groomers too

  22. You're basically trying to shove a square peg into a round hole here, I'm not sure if you realize that. You should really ask yourself about the intent of teaching kids about these things. Let's forget the LGBT stuff and just talk about sex ed for a moment.

  23. What you’re “hearing me say” is a disingenuous interpretation of what I’m saying.

  24. Can someone please explain this Cominarty theory to me? The vaccine is fully approved, but they're not distributing the real version?

  25. Will all the people that didn't take the vaccine get their jobs back?

  26. Yeah. The Denver Office of Emergency Management is going to be handing out “bug out bags” on Sept 24, too.

  27. Wow that’s some fancy MS Paint graphics they have there.

  28. How do you think the UK taxpayers feel? Some of them are directly from the UK Health Security Agency’s COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report.

  29. It just seems ridiculous to me that people are out here calling Biden a pedo, but no one talks about Trump being a pedo. It's kind of what aboutism, I'll admit that. But it's so fucking tired at this point.

  30. I don’t understand why you’re not tired of bringing up “evidence” against trump (btw the pussy grabbing thing he said “they let you” and it wasn’t about children?) but you are tired of evidence regarding Biden, the current sitting president.

  31. Man if either one is a pedophile they should be in jail. But where was all the conspiracy posts about Trump? That's kind of all I'm saying. I don't like either president all that much. This sub is such a biased echo chamber of anti Biden pro Trump bullshit.

  32. I agree. If anyone is a pedo, they should be in jail or worse. I’m saying there’s not a lot of evidence for one of these people like there is for the other. Which also may be why you don’t see those posts here.

  33. Seems like some headway has been made over the last few years though

  34. Sure, the c19 bs helped them push forward, but it ain’t over till it’s over. Keep strong.

  35. Ask his daughter Ashley. Diary is very disturbing. The shower part is errie.

  36. The diary did not claim anything sexual, just that she showered with her dad.

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