Happy update on the dogs set for euthanization in Coachella/ riverside shelters!!

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

I needed this today

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  1. I thought this was a joke. But it’s a big fish. It is held out in front but still a monster

  2. I mean it’s a private company, and the owner was only screwing over his family members. It’s not really that newsworthy imo. I do love consumers though

  3. No beef with consumers.I buy beer there all the time, just an interesting story.

  4. The year the building was built. 1961 in our years and 5721 in Jew years

  5. Thanks, interesting. I thought maybe 5721 was when the world was predicted to end or something

  6. It’s pretty decent for $.50. It’s just a microwave pizza but it’s warm and they have gourmet Slices like slices with a. Bunch of toppings

  7. Super underrated park btw. Not too well known outside of WNY. Although maybe it’s good to keep its secret.

  8. Circle park(aka golden hill park) . Drive to the end of 25th, go around the circle and park. There’s a lot of picnic tables and grassy spots on top of hill that offer good views and not a lot of people

  9. Cars, trolley, horses, carriages, and cars all shares the road back then. Now we can’t even merge

  10. How far into your property are the stands?? Someone could have just been using onx or something similar to set up along a property line and maybe their GPS wasn't exactly accurate.

  11. It seems my state (NY) even if the land isn’t posted you can’t trespass. But if it’s vacant or unimproved you can’t prove someone trespassers. I’m going to put up some posted signs and leave notes on the tree stands

  12. I have officially tried this place!!! It’s very good n clean and super simple menu!! The mendo purp is awesome !!

  13. Hmm maybe they got new stuff. I was very underwhelmed. $40 eight for mids when I was there. But maybe that’s the going rate

  14. It’s fine. Not great not bad. I own two houses in black rock. I prefer it to the west side. Less dangerous. South of Amherst and Niagara is nicer, hoping the bike path And nicer residents continue and property value increases

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