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  1. Studying? How does that help? If anything i wouldn’t be able to study at all thinking about a heartbreak

  2. Drink alcohol, play video games with the boys, Smoke weed and boom problem solved

  3. Wonder why they didn’t bring the actual Perseus as an operator

  4. Brotherrrr. The sensor darts were so much better. And more balanced than the current heart beat sensor as you could only use it once and it had a time limit

  5. It was so good. I loved shooting a dart onto my ATV and driving up next to houses to see if anyone was inside.

  6. And "Assault Rifle Kilo" is NOT the Kilo Assault Rifle.....wut

  7. LMAO. I just realized this. I don’t bother looking at those names. I just look for the gun outline and actual gun name

  8. For real. I hope they remove this in MW2. Too many gun names to be aware of as it is in current warzone

  9. I can't wait for MW2 so we can leave this clown show behind for a while.

  10. MW2019 also had silly skins… Kawaii Mara, wizard of oz bundles with velikan as tin man and grinch as the lion… so what makes you think mw2 will be any different

  11. I hope it becomes Fortnite. Fortnite adds content regularly (more so than Warzone) and I can go into the game now and play in bot only lobbies to have fun.

  12. game had lots of new players (like me then)... these days its only bunnyhopping stim movement demons

  13. Brotherrrrr, what is this MLG Pro set up you got going on here😅

  14. Modern Warfare and Warzone is so bloated at this point. Even the devs admitted it

  15. Honestly if you play any of the other 3 cods on battlenet you’ll know as it tells you on the news page

  16. Dratz. From this thread then it probably have 2 - 6 weeks before I see it for sale again?

  17. I’m not sure. I would just check on a weekly basis. Usually goes on sale once a month or so

  18. Me on the way to camp a bush for 30 minutes only to pop out and win at the last second.

  19. Bro you forgot the song “Lady (hear me tonight)” from GTA 5

  20. Cod community always has something to complain about. What’s new. Idc if verdansk has bugs/exploits as long as they fix it quick and bring it back before mw2

  21. I’m 25 anyways so I don’t need one. That definitely do be the 14 y/o squeakers I hear on snd

  22. Season 5 of MW is my favorite. I LOVED the whole shadow company theme

  23. Season 2 was my personal favorite with season 6 being a very close second. In season 2 when they dropped warzone and season 6 with the haunting of Verdansk. I miss the good ol MW days

  24. Bro why you’re screen look like orange instead of green? Looks like modern warfare 2 but in a black ops 2 style with the orange

  25. Raven has acknowledged the issue on twitter. Standby soldier.

  26. I’m going to do this tonight with the Finn chainsaw and the pkm. Shit was so epic to watch

  27. This was so satisfying to watch. I hate riot shielders but I commend you for playing with 1000 IQ!

  28. That’s frustrating. I had a similar experience to this clip on rebirth fucking island

  29. Nooo. We PC players need you console players. We will turn down our FOV if you asked nicely :)

  30. “You’ve got some beach ball-sized lady nuts, and I wanna harness the heat coming off ‘em!”

  31. As a PC player who plays at 120 FOV, I like your determination, fellow console player 👍🏼

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