1. You have to be an extrovert, go out and make opportunities. Introverted men will die alone. Get involved in clubs, volunteer work and socialize. You need to be good looking as well.

  2. 'I said I'd give you 8 inches. I didn't say over how many thrusts it would be distributed. It's your fault for assuming it was 1.'

  3. Building more solar and wind is a pitfall we should finally start recognising. The promise of smart grid technology, continental balancing and large-scale storage hasn't materialised; the reality that we need to fire up gas and even coal plants to make up for the shortfalls in solar and wind has remained.

  4. Except subsidies for oil, gas and coal are higher and they all cost more than renewable sources anyway.

  5. Religion builds mud huts for the believers and huge stone monuments for it's priests.

  6. Yes, that’s why it’s us women who must cover up like a burrito because men shouldn’t learn to control themselves.

  7. Honestly, you'd be surprised how many self-proclaimed liberals, feminists, atheists and others jump to justify Islamic practices with me.

  8. This is exactly my mentality. I'm Italian; I don't therefore dismiss or worship or excuse the mafia.

  9. If the fine is just a fraction of the profits, it becomes a simple Cost Of Doing Business

  10. If you fall for this trap, you might as well just hand your money to the billionaire stock manipulators who own the media outlet and cut out the middle man.

  11. This regular repost now needs an updated .jpg, since the dispute was settled a little while ago.

  12. Can I ask what the voiceover is saying? Why are people jumping to their deaths?

  13. I have seen some people hating Augustus, and a lot of people hating Septimius Severus.

  14. Severus stabilised during a difficult time, so I understand some controversy.

  15. The saying 'ugly women are like men; they must work for it' isn't entirely incorrect.

  16. 'If we don't do it, they'll execute some of their slaves for being too slow to do so'

  17. TIL Italy has a shitton if gold. Where did it even get it? It's not like it's had colonies or wealth or anything the past century

  18. Wish I knew northern Spanish. Is it a neighbor of southern french? Maybe central Europeanese?

  19. Wholesale mafia next please. Confiscate their illegal wealth, revitalise Italy and make people pay taxes :)

  20. Anyone applauding this move as an end to some nebulous concept of neo-colonialism is evidently not a poor farmer who's daughter was kidnapped, son was murdered and the rest of his family needing to flee.

  21. Are you saying Americans presence in Vietnam and Kampuchea is justified because they were "better" than the Vietcong and Pol Pot, citing suffering that occurs in every violent conflict?

  22. I'm pretty sure that's one of those broken €3 phones you can buy online. Or fake.

  23. I'll get banned for this, but men and women are (shocker) good at different tasks.

  24. Shut up about getting banned, nobody gets banned on 4tran related subreddits. Not even the racists and phobes get banned.

  25. Georgia has large parts of their territory occupied by Russia, while Azerbaijan and Armenia are always in conflict; especially as the Azerbaijani have more money, men, and oil so they keep killing Armenians.

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