1. You're talented as hell can you draw gehrman pegging the shit out of me?😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵🥵

  2. Just looked up the account mentioned... My man is down BAD

  3. Probably more like down diabolical at this point if he is still alive and hasn't died from scarlet rot.

  4. I needed an image of Ranni upset or crying which presented a challenge since she's usually got a blank expression. So I was forced to look through some Ranni rule-34 for research of course. I don't remember where I found the image I ended up using, but it was absolutely a NSFW image. Everything below the head including her clothes are actually edited back on from a different picture. In the original picture Ranni is moaning not crying, but it was close enough to work.

  5. God, I hated that fight. I wasn't expecting it, then those mean-ass sisters chased me down and killed me over and over and over. (Until they didn't.)

  6. When I fought the 4 sisters I hid behind Millicent and she carried me hard with her waterfowl attack. She took on a 3v1 while I fought the remaining one.

  7. Ahh, latency...I've learned the hard way not to gawk when this happens, because any whaling that you and your opponent manage to get in on each other's lag-frozen bodies is going to hit all at once when the spike subsides.

  8. I wonder what it looked like from the invader's point of view. I'm guessing it looked like I was just standing around in front of him instead of being far away.

  9. Amazing work! How long did it take to make all those signs?

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