1. Please, let's refrain from using derogatory language that perpetuates an "us vs them" mentality in our community. I know gay firearms owners and they have every right to be an active participant in our sport. Alienating whole groups of people doesn't help our case when fighting for our ownership privileges. Though we don't have second amendment rights like our southern neighbours, I think all Canadian's, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation should be able to enjoy firearms ownership and feel included in our community (provided they pass the regular RCMP screening, mandatory training, and use firearms responsibly).

  2. *In honour of a win over Bill C-21’s amendments

  3. I hear ya. These days, even the smallest of victories is worth a celebration.

  4. I think the BCL looks the most promising and at $1650 it's the most affordable.

  5. I was leaning that way, especially with it being the lightest one of the three. Just have to find a store with stock now that the first batch has made its way to North Sylva.

  6. I appreciate that you feel your bread machine is an inflation killer and you have a lesson to teach, but let's let's zip through these numbers real quick; The bread machine cost you $90 5 years ago(you can buy used ones for $20) and has saved you over $1500 in 5 years; That's $300 a year, or 8¢ a day...and that's likely a conservative estimate which doesn't not take into account the electricity that it costs to run a bread machine, or the time spent buying & measuring the ingredients when you could have been earning money by working ...not to mention the costs associated with storing the ingredients (heat, electricity, repairs/maintenance on that portion of your house).

  7. $300 a year is $0.82/day, not 8¢ a day. Still, our family goes through a two pack of Rye loaves from Costco each week at a cost of $7.99. For the roughly $0.30/day extra (minus ingredient and labour cost), I'm happy to not have to do the work and, most importantly, have a consistent slice of bread that satisfies my OCD.

  8. Influx Electric did great work for us. One of the owners was our main point of contact and the work was done professionally and within our budget.

  9. I have one and love it for the price. Have thrown about 300 rounds through it so far. 100 being 00 buck and maybe 30 rifled slugs. It comes with three chokes so obviously use the one best suited for your use. It's a little stiff at first but has started to break in.

  10. Only other .556 I’ve fired was a C7, so it doesn’t quite live up to that. However for the relatively reasonable price and its ease of use I enjoy it quite a bit. It is on the chopping block though for when I move on to a pistol.

  11. Well sure, it's certainly hard to compare it to a C7. I regret not snagging and shooting a MS18-A3 before the shadow ban. Thanks for the short review of the T97. I have ordered one as the price is hard to beat for a unique NR SA. Here's hoping Canada Post can rush it here soon!

  12. If all you’re looking for is a NR SA, you are going to be more than satisfied.

  13. Thanks for the tip, i kind of figured as much, hence why im waiting on my other rifle before i head out to crown land. Id like to stay away from ranges for the time being

  14. I have a GSG-16 as well and have been shooting it in a MB winter. I highly recommend stripping it down and cleaning with a cold rated clp like G96 before taking it out.

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