1. Yes, I understand. I’m just trying to find out if the jacket is of quality. Because usually, if it’s for free, it’s of much lower quality. I’ve never used Rakuten before and, therefore, have no idea of products “made for them”…

  2. I’ve gotten a free Rakuten/Warriors hoodie and it was Mitchell & Ness. Same quality as their $80 hoodies

  3. Heard Qinmin was doing bait and switch. Those probably aren’t the same ones from the QC pics you got.

  4. He was probably excited to wear them too 😂. I know they were asking him the next day why he didn’t wear them again 🥹

  5. Is the wing logo indented deep like on retail pairs or is it just over the surface?

  6. Air Yeezy 2 Platinum’s ugly little brother

  7. Can you bless me with the link as well, please?

  8. Expect the unexpected. Mine took like 3 weeks to update and when it did, my package went from Los Angeles to NY and then back to the west coast where I’m located.

  9. Make sure it’s the .xyz page, not .net

  10. Believe it or not thats how the retails have it on this pair.

  11. I believe you and I’m not even surprised tbh lol

  12. It’s not a purse. It’s a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one

  13. Choose local transaction in the app

  14. Been shopping kickscrew since 2013. Legit af. They just take a while to ship because they’re based in Asia. But they only sell authentic. No counterfeit, UA, etc. So I wouldn’t expect under retail unless the shoes are bricks

  15. They’re for sure a legit store. They’re overseas though, so shipping does take a while. I’d say I’ve waited about a month on average to get my shoes delivered

  16. They really don’t though. They are solid overall depending on the seller. And at 1/4 the cost? Not even close to a bad deal

  17. Can you send me pics of jerseys you’ve bought? I’ve never purchased, but pretty much all I’ve seen have been terrible

  18. Most likely dropshipping DHGate jerseys and marking up 300%. Personally, I’d stay away. Not 100% certain though

  19. Makes sense! I’ll just stay away. Appreciate it!

  20. 99% of sites sell fakes. If you don’t care about authenticity, they’re gonna be much cheaper from sites like that over fanatics or the 49ers team store.

  21. I prefer the real deal. Gotta support my team!

  22. Probably a closeted gay. They’re the biggest rivals of the LGBTQ community. How about you let people be themselves and worry about yourself? 👍🏼

  23. It is the same one! I don’t think it’s a knock off though, but it looks to be discontinued. It’s on clearance on fragrancenet.com as well under Giorgio Armani and they only sell authentic fragrances. Just weird that there’s no info or reviews for it.

  24. Ahhhhh yeah that looks like it’s what happened. They have this particular fragrance under Giorgio Armani for some reason, but it’s definitely Giorgio Group. Thank you!

  25. Could be GERD. I thought I had costo at first, turns out it was likely GERD. I’ve also had the lump in throat sensation and post nasal drip and a lot of burping, accompanied with chest discomfort. Been on Pantoprazole for 3 weeks now and it’s getting much better.

  26. I have the same symptoms! Doc prescribed pantoprazole 40mg. Been like this for over 2 months now so we’ll see how it goes!

  27. I’ve had very similar symptoms. I started with shortness of breath and went to the ER when I had horrible chest pain that I thought was a heart attack. I found a great chiro that is confident I have a pinched nerve. He explained everything that is going on and what it’s causing, which matched up with a lot of things I’m feeling.

  28. I have very similar pain. I also had a “burst” feeling in the center of my chest and then proceeded to have intense acid reflux/heartburn for about a week after. I had an urgent care diagnose me with Costo...around the same time, I saw my PCP and a Gastroenterologist. Gastroenterologist conducted an upper endoscopy, which showed GERD + hiatal hernia.

  29. I forgot to mention I’ve been burping a lot and having heartburn,especially after eating, which could mean GERD, but it doesn’t explain the arm and chest pain.

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