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  1. Getting tired quicker. I still enjoy partying and late nights but dammit I’m tired by 9pm

  2. I think this is mostly a southern thing, I could be wrong, but when men here constantly post about how manly they are. “Real men cook dinner and don’t go out all the time”, “real mean don’t act like sissys”, “real men drive big trucks and drink beer”etc. those are just some random examples but if you have to constantly prove that your a manly man, it turns me completely off. But a lot of women in the south LOVE it.

  3. I also hate this! The whole manly man alpha male bullshit. Just like be a normal person lol

  4. I feel this would be an effective video-installation, where you walk into a big white box and the film is projected on all four walls around you so you're in it

  5. Yeah I have it multiple chances and each time could not enjoy

  6. I’m starting to think these “Christian conservatives” wouldn’t actually like Jesus and his teachings.

  7. Imagine getting mad about bandaids…

  8. FuneraL attendant here… you don’t need to wear black.

  9. Number 5 until i die. G2 pilots baby!

  10. Every time I think the bro can’t say or do anything dumber, he’s like “hold my beer”

  11. Left out the brutal beating part….

  12. Showgirls. It’s a wonderful train wreck from start to finish.

  13. Dude everything we buy is literally made in china…

  14. What do these women do once the kid grows up and they can’t exploit them anymore?

  15. We also collect teeth after cremating because some fillings have mercury in them. Seeing the jar of teeth is creepier than the bucket of titanium parts.

  16. Enchanted forest in Titusville is a great hiking spot

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