Bought at 60k and panicking

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  1. Well… if he was one, he wouldn’t really be your grandpa and all, right?

  2. exactly what I said but I got down dooted dozens of times

  3. If you find homosexuality gross or unnatural thats homophobic.

  4. If that's how broad the definition of homophobia is, then not all homophobia is wrong

  5. Are you serious? This is “Perry Bible Fellowship”. It is a legendary series. How is it “terrible” gen Z snowflakes?

  6. This is highly institution dependent. I don’t know anyone in my immediate circle that posts materials early.

  7. The issue is that students don't know what the course is like, what they are getting into, unless it is open. Or do you send a syllabus a week or two before the semester starts?

  8. Without capitalism we wouldn't even have Pong to play.

  9. This is a good sign that we are in the discount season :))

  10. Newcomers rarely have greed when the greed/fear index is low. If they do, they enter their low position with not a lot of funds, just to test the water. Newcomers usually FOMO in when it is up and confidence is high, and then learn the hard truths.

  11. The statistic that you're looking at is only showing that 83.4% of Coinbase users that are performing trades are buying and 16.6% of Coinbase users that are performing trades are selling.

  12. Another way to think of this: pareto distribution of total balances (no more than 20% hold at least 80% of the wealth). If big money is selling disproportionately then small money is buying disproportionately

  13. You are talking to a very diverse bunch. Many people here FOMO'd in back in Mar-May and in Sept-Oct. They aren't seeing 12 mo green anything.

  14. Devil’s advocate: he could have meant African Americans (sub-group) vote at the same rate as all Americans (parent group inclusive of sub-group).

  15. Unless the wood magically grows several more branches.

  16. This is primarily about just one poster, who has done this like over a dozen times.

  17. Hmm, maybe people should be free to wear a mask or not, if they deem it necessary

  18. There is no way that statement is generally true and applying to vaccination and mask mandates. You can't be serious that you think that statement is true for all comparable risks in public. You're cherry picking the risks you want to hyper-regulate. It is a BS slogan to hide behind bad policies.

  19. Self-driving cars will have eliminated their jobs before the teens can afford a house.

  20. Because the far right folk fantasize about killing Americans soldiers.

  21. Right, because so many 2A advocates are anti-military! /s

  22. AR-15s are only useful for mowing down crowds of people, and that's why only cops should have them.

  23. Could you direct me to a historian of the early 2000's?

  24. Lib-center ftw. Don't like a piece of art? Just "fix" it. No gods no masters.

  25. It could be. Or they could be confused about what being a "part" of LGBTQIA and how A means allies.

  26. It used to be? 1990s it was. Asexual wasn't included until recently. And as the term queer has been re-defined in the LGBTQ+ community, the q which used to mean questioning has two meanings. But I didn't make it up.

  27. This is a pretty high quality distillation of that interview with excellent visualizations and editing.

  28. Show me how easy it is to make a presentation like this. I'll wait.

  29. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than other

  30. What makes bitcoin different from my cloning bitcoin and starting another btc network? Why should the first crptocurrency always be number 1?

  31. His entire focus is to change your spending habits to get you out of debt. This means no investing, no bit coin, no going out to dinner, no going to the movies...use every single spare dime to get out of debt.


  33. That makes no sense. By your logic you would never invest into anything because it's not safe, if I don't invest then I don't risk losing it right?

  34. This doesn't follow at all. You have no clue what you're talking about either, apparently.

  35. The truth of a deductively valid conclusion is contained in the truth of its premises.

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