[AMA] Je suis une femme transgenre, AMA

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  1. J'ai beaucoup d'amies trans et je me demande ce que tu penses du stéréotype de la fille trans qui peut parler pendant des heures des différentes fins de Fallout New Vegas (ou autre sujet très niche)

  2. More like no longer run by the mafia. The reason it looks so 'festive' is because the mob treated it as the Eastern equivalent of Vegas before the revolution. A hive of corruption dressed up to look pretty to lure in gullible tourists.

  3. okay yes the revolution put an end to slavery and mafia/colonial control of the economy and now cuba has an excellent education and good standards of lihing for the population but how are they supposed to be happy if they don't have capitalism and casinos like in vegas!!!!

  4. For people that liked Hades and Life is Strange? Tbh I don't really see it.

  5. Jimmy Carter runs against a Republican that won the liberal avocado toast eating contest

  6. Putin is a far-right ultranationalist goul and the fact that any "Leftists" support him is laughable.

  7. In my opinion leftists like that, that also usually have weirdly very conservative values, just call themselves leftists because they understood thay they'd get no bitches by being rightists.

  8. She's right, why the fuck would you try to colonise in 1.33, it sucks and PDX made it a pain in the ass, also colonising the Americas isn't viable go for India and Indonesia instead.

  9. Kotaro Uchikoshi, famed modeler of the beloved Pepsiman game.

  10. Here’s just my personal opinion, I did enjoy despair arc tho, but I have problem with it:

  11. Why is conservatives in quotations? Conservatives have been nothing but a bunch of idiots voting against their own interests for the past millenia

  12. What do you mean against their own interest ???? That's stupid and reductive, someday, they could themselves be rich and influential (0.0000[...]001% chance) and in that case you'd regret not having voted for the party supporting your interests !!

  13. I don't see what's wrong, having sex with a guy is the most masculine thing someone could do. It's just like having sex with a woman but without the gay part (the woman).

  14. Alors dès le début de l'industrialisation, vers 1800, on prévoyait déjà que la pollution relâchée par les industries pourraient réchauffer la planète à un niveau grave - à cette époque, cela n'intéressait pas grand monde, et a plus été rencontré avec de la curiosité que de la peur.

  15. Well over 1 million in around 300-400 years?

  16. Vote strom thurmond for law and order and funnies (as a write-in candidate)

  17. I mean apart from the ‘getting involved and wanting to help launder the money’ thing. Oh and the whole situation with how they tried to pay off Ted. But I think 90% of the hatred for Skyler honestly comes from the fact viewers get so easily caught up in Walter’s power fantasy over the course of the show, leading them to find the person trying to bring Walt back to reality ‘annoying’

  18. No that's because Walter White is literally me and I wouldn't accept Skyler doing the thing she does if I just started a drug empire

  19. You forgot to mention that he even managed to win a show trial organised against him by the collaborationist regime !

  20. Well yeah they had no case against him... He still was deported tho

  21. They didn't just have no case against him, but they even accidentally set it up so that he (and Daladier) could push their case against them

  22. You finished the whole series in a month? I’m assuming this doesnt include UDG or the anime but thats still really impressive. It took me a month to get through each game, and thats with playing it everyday

  23. That does include UDG and the anime DR3, I'm on holidays from May to September so I have a lot of free time, and bought all DR games in the Summer Sales, I've been almost only playing Danganronpa recently

  24. Je me demande quand même comment les néolibéraux ont réussi à faire croire à une théorie économique littéralement centrée sur "les riches pissent sur la population et c'est une bonne chance"

  25. question : am i the only one that thought, watching the latest hologra "this audio is definitely going to be reused for porn"

  26. Oh boo hoo, did we upset your status quo by making your 'gender' concepts pointless? Just wait til we get ahold of everything else

  27. Considering how the majority of vtubers (hololive or otherwise) primarily cater to the M crowd, I'm glad the few of us in the S crowd at least have Senchou. That's some solid ropework there.

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