1. My older sister and I both watched that movie (8 & 11 y/o) with our neighbors down the street at different points in time and it absolutely scarred both of us. It felt like the most evil movie, and my sister hasn’t watched a scary movie since (31 now) whereas I’ve become a horror super fanatic since then, but no movie has ever, EVER induced the visceral fear and dread like that movie did. Not even close, and I’ve seen it all.

  2. Well, you've solved the problem your way, so I'm not sure if you should've asked for help really. Nice one, by the way.

  3. new incredible command to try out “sir I’m gonna need you to SPRINT THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT now.”

  4. All of the pink clothing reminded me of Professor Umbridge - you will not see her wear anything but pink! Although the pink slowly darkens throughout Half Blood Prince as she progressively gets worse.

  5. Never forget that your voice is a powerful weapon in holding creeps accountable in public settings. “EXCUSE ME SIR YOU ARE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE PLEASE STEP AWAY IMMEDIATELY” viscerally projected in your most Karen tone command-able is a shockingly effective tactic. People behave poorly because they think they can get away with it. Stomp that idea out real fast.

  6. Let me start by saying thank god you’re ok and thank god those girls were looking out for you, I love hearing shit like that. 👏

  7. Woman! You’re doing amazing. No roommate needed, just try to learn about not sharing private information with strangers. Ever. These creepy interactions are a dime a dozen, and you never know who is harmless versus a predator. Be safe, be aware, and be assertive. Whenever I’m asked a question I find uncomfortable I ask a question in response- “oh why do you ask? do you do maintenance work on cars too?!” Being inquisitive alerts potential threats that you are paying attention. Research supports that most criminals are preferential to an easy target, and will bail if their victim puts up a fight. Stand your ground. Invest in surveillance. And live blissfully.

  8. My family has visited St. John every few years for decades. The older my siblings and I have grown, the more perceptive and attuned to energy in places we have become. One night this July we visited The Windmill bar up on the top of a hill that has ruins of the former sugar plantations run by slaves.

  9. What a disgusting, reprehensible, contemptuous and vile, self serving, degenerate prick of a man. I genuinely hope he falls down a well. What the fuck kind of sick mf talks to a 7 yo girl about "wHaT mEn wAnT" as if fucking anyone gives a shit let alone a little child?! If I ever saw him again I'd kick him in the sack with steel toes and report his sick little anecdotes to the cops. Maybe in jail he'd like to share what men want with some other violent criminals that know he's a pedo...

  10. Thank you for appropriately articulating the level of vile that sentiment is.

  11. £1400 split between two in Finsbury Park for a large top floor full-sized two bed, living room, and private balcony.. signed contract end of June, it was a steal.

  12. If you’re in Michigan, you may have just won the lottery.

  13. Once a partner left their work bag on the train.. we made a report, didn’t hear anything for a month, then one day get a call. Pop over to their warehouse to pick it up- nothing was missing. We were surprised and impressed. It’s worth it!

  14. Met in the office. It was previously known I was in a long term relationship, but when I broke things off I didn’t tell anyone to continue avoiding any unwanted attention in a male-dominated industry. However, I was enraptured by this dorky Northerner and began pursuit. He was initially terrified of some confident loud American (seemingly taken) lady chatting him up but over time, he was convinced. We dated secretly for six months and both left the company shortly thereafter. Have been together nearly three years now, and just moved in together… my family still does not understand what he is saying in his Leeds accent.

  15. As a person who has a complex portfolio of medical fuckery to manage, and therefore truly well and cozy with the NHS system.. my recommendation is to opt for a more “speed dating” approach to medical professionals.

  16. It’s possible and reliable, just give yourself enough time because it takes ages

  17. Monmouth coffee. Buy the beans at the Borough Market location.. excellent

  18. Vanguard Self Storage in East London is brilliant. Best storage unit company I’ve used in the last 8 years of being in the city.

  19. A true POS. Doesn't even have the balls to go through with what his FB post said; he had to wait for the cops, have a standoff, light a fire, and then, finally, when he knew he was out of options did he off himself. Not for remorse. Because he didn't want to face the consequences. Probably. love, daddio xo

  20. At 7:00 in the morning almost every passenger within view on the tube was wearing a mask. At 22:00 almost every passenger within view was not wearing a mask. The intensity of inverse was staggering.

  21. Yeah high school is a very awkward, emotionally-intense, claustrophobic place. You’re confined to a certain group of people for years at a time, at a super volatile developmental phase of life.

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