1. please do not take your boyfriend to eureka -every sdsu student

  2. You should have received an email with the link, typically it be sent to your SDSU email. Title should be SDSU Pre-Orientation Modules - Transfer Students. If you can’t find it I’d email them at

  3. Hi there! We offer a $60 incentive I hope that's enough! Would you be able to direct me to which FB groups would be good to join and post in? I'm only in the UCSD-USD-SDSU for free and for sale right now

  4. sdsu transfer students group and sdsu students group. can you give me more info, I might be interested I am attending this fall.

  5. Check facebook groups for sdsu housing. And yes you can use Fafsa money for whatever you want to use it on. Also I suggest contacting sdsu to see if they can help you out to look for affordable housing.

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