1. Be on time. I don't really care about anything else but if you're late, you're disrespecting the effort put into the session.

  2. A little late but I'll enter this GIVEAWAY

  3. does a creature with 1 in intelligence even have sentience?

  4. Zombies have 3 int, so I can't imagine what 1 would be like. Also 4 int or less creatures can't be affected by hideous laughter, and I would assume that if you can't perceive Humor you're not really there mentally

  5. Why trim it though? Is there a downside to using a, say, 3 min clip? Just curious

  6. I think it's like people who have no problem burping or farting around others. Some people just to not mind being disgusting around others. And yes it is absolutely disgusting and I've had to point it out to several of my friends before they stopped doing it. Some of them were even surprised at the notion that it was off-putting.

  7. The cat on the child/girl on the couch/sofa was hardly refusing/being forced to leave.

  8. Yeah lmao "tries to get cat off" - proceeds to lightly nudge the cat and give up. Video is cute but the manufacturedness (is that even a word?) ruins it for me. Like most "cute animal content" tbh.

  9. Venom was such a dogshit movie. I don't understand how they could fuck up a character as cool as that.

  10. It wasn't though? You can argue it "wasn't that good" but dogshit is just an overstatement. Movie was decent af, had some good jokes, CG looked nice, Tom Hardy was good, ending was kinda meh, but yeah there's way wayyy worse out there in the realm of superhero movies. I guess to each their own.

  11. Hard downvote, I really wanted to like it but it just didn't feel the same. Weirdly preachy plots about current political events, characters leaving the show, and just in general the camera shots and general style was off (did they change directors or something?). Although I think the marriage would have been a good conclusion, I do think that Jake and Amy's post-marriage dynamic was really fun, at least until the pregnancy, where it got really stale again. Also it felt like a lot of character development got thrown out of the window for the sake of jokes, Kevin and Holt in particular felt like entirely different characters by the last season.

  12. Never won anything in my life so I don't have high hopes, but what the hell. The tool looks good though, it seems quite close to a traditional 3D RPG at this point #GIVEAWAY

  13. As someone who was super disappointed in SOS POOT and the newest Rune factory, I LOVED the first doraemon sos. It had so many secrets and areas to explore, something that SOS POOT got rid of almost completely.

  14. SOS POOT has got to be the worst abbreviation I've ever seen. Not even gonna try to decipher it, it's better this way

  15. Damn, really wanted to downvote you, but I guess it's your opinion and its not your fault its not your cup of tea. Still baffles me though how one could not enjoy that masterpiece.

  16. I know it's considered tradition to not speak ill of the dead... but what a fucking cunt

  17. Yeah it is definitely not okay to traumatise the living just because you don't give a shit about your own life anymore.

  18. Low-key kind of offended that they included Düsseldorf and Bonn but not Cologne

  19. Who spends 2 minutes getting money from ATMs??? Do that shit in 30 seconds.

  20. Thank you, I was almost screaming at the screen, there's a guy running around smashing the very thing you're using with an axe and you just decide to do the slowest withdrawal on earth, while leisurely looking around and smoking your cigarette. Almost seemed like he was taking longer on purpose to annoy the smasher.

  21. Yes, I would imagine US knowledge of German history is pretty low. Also Americans who speak German is a pretty small number.

  22. Lol this is absolutely wrong, why would you even lie about something that can so easily be disproved. The only non-optional language in Germany is English, and even then I've seen people graduate without being able to hold a simple conversation.

  23. This is the kind of discourse I would like to see more frequently on this sub!

  24. Yes! While I enjoy the videos whether they're "real" or not, so many people in this sub are projecting their own ideals and emotions (I think it's called anthropomorphizing?) onto animal behaviour instead of seeing the often much more likely, albeit boring reality.

  25. ok..I'm middle aged, and think some of these memes are funny. (admittedly me and my friends do have a childish sense of humour).

  26. Eminem probably had the pfp because "Lose yourself" is being used to promote the movie. At least in the trailer that I saw a few weeks ago. Actually thought it was kinda sad that one of the greatest rap songs of all time (imo) is being used to promote fucking minions.

  27. I'd recommend get rid of the Teufel all in one junk, acquire speakers to use with your x1500H.

  28. That's not really an option for monetary reasons. Do you mean by "all in one" that it'll only work with the provided receiver? If so that's too bad.

  29. I'm going to edit and add to my above comment as to be more helpful.

  30. Thank you, that edit clears up a lot of questions I had

  31. Holy shit. I live in a 250 square foot (23 sq meters) tiny house with a partner and three cats, and even I think this is insane.

  32. You can torture yourself all you want, but don't fucking drag the cats into this. I would legitimately consider having 3 cats in a 23sqm animal abuse, they need at least some semblance of space, especially when it's that many.

  33. If you're gonna slice the ice cream in half, and then proceed to stack to halves on top of each other, why not just put the whole thing on it?

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