1. I have wanted this aswell. Ninjago is certainly big enough to give us something like this.

  2. I've never interpreted 4/5/6 as a trilogy. To me it's a smooth flow from S1 all the way at least to Skybound. Most of the time the conclusion of one season directly leads to the events of the next one. I wouldn't even know where to make a cut here.

  3. But why draw the line exactly there? The ends of S2 leads directly to the overlord being resurrected inside Borg tower. And the ends of S5 leads to Clouse finding the teapot.

  4. Season 2 felt more like an ending to the journey of the pilots and season 1 to me, and season 3 feels like a different, (kind of like season 10 to season 11.)

  5. where are the other new ninja besides cyan?

  6. Here’s an even more unpopular opinion: I didn’t like Skybound

  7. Yeah, You most likely do not like jay or did not like the ending.

  8. Listen like in my opinion I’d call this ninjago’s peak in popularity

  9. He's fighting All for One in his imagination; he wants to make the symbol of evil pay for all the people he's made suffer throughout his evil life.

  10. this image reminds me why cat villagers are rare

  11. When I looked in the final pic, no joke thought it was a bulge

  12. "what's the worst that can happen" is the most contract series of words ever.

  13. In my opinion Holly doesn't belong here, I mean she said 1 line in the entire goddamn series

  14. She was a major character in the 3rd book

  15. True, but the again, we don't get to see her actual personality. I mean you can only get so much from, "uh, isn't your name fregly?"

  16. I was the 169th upvote, no need to thank me

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