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  1. yeah this is probably how to make a gas that will kill you lol just like those crystals and glowsticks from 4chan

  2. Yaaaa we used to have that deal with the rad sushi place next door. Was rad until I bit into one of their chicken wings and there was a whole fried cockroach, wondered why it was crunchy like that lol Still gave em free drinks just didnt tell anyone

  3. Wow what an incredible oatmeal based adventure I’m about to embark upon. I’m going to order two of all the toppings. Just have a really wild and wacky adventure I’ll never forget. All just for an extra $2.50 too.

  4. actually papaitan, a soup including beef/goat bile, may be up your alley. it doesn't use actual poop but some people call it poop soup and idk if that's a translation error or rudeness or what.

  5. i dont wanna kinkshame but why the fuck did she have to say "i can't believe i poo-pooed!" like bruh was that necessary

  6. They wanted to make some sweep and sour sauce ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. There's not much pigment on your organs so it would be more sensitive to UV

  8. Anal prolapse itself is correlated with an increased risk of rectal cancer so probably

  9. Matcha lemonade with peach juice blend or strawberry acai base behe.

  10. i'd agree with others and say a mango dragonfruit refresher (water or lemonade) goes really well with it.

  11. It might be simple body dysphoria talking. If you see your body as the body of a man at the height of an episode, it's not really that you wish to be the other gender. I've seen a few friends wanting to transition (man to woman in their case), hoping to be a beautiful woman. Their words, not mine. It didn't work. And their life got worse.

  12. i may have been having an episode tbh. every now and then i get these extreme ideas.

  13. Do you think it would make for an uncomfortable situation to confide that in them? Are you concerned they might not be supportive? What makes you wonder if you should wait until you can do it yourself?

  14. Thanks for responding. I don't want to tell them the clit part, it would be a weird conversation. But the other reasoning for it I don't think they would react negatively, they may still say no but they wouldn't disown me. I only wonder if I should wait since I can't tell them the full truth. I already own a binder and I don't want them assuming things.

  15. Weigh out the heartache of getting a job and saving the money (this shit isn't cheap) vs the heartache of having even a vague conversation. Which is more worth it to you? Is one more reasonable for you to achieve? I'm biased, I'm a very independent and private person and I really get off on all the times I can say I did something with my own effort and money in my own private life. But at the same time, if it wouldn't end my world to hit my parents first for a chance I'd still do it when I was younger.

  16. Thank you so much. This has given me something to think about. In the end you're right, I need to weight my options based on my own personal life and reasonings.

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