1. If it is in a classroom as a learning exercise, and you don’t advertise it or open it to the public or charge tickets, then you can do it. It’s like doing a scene in an acting class.

  2. Seriously. I’ve exceeded those number in a single session.

  3. There are two. The first is “Someone in a Tree”, and the second is “Sunday”. They are both so beautiful; so perfect in what they express. It’s like seeing an overwhelmingly beautiful sunset.

  4. They gave you ink while you had a subscription. You cancelled the subscription, so now you have to buy your own ink. That seems fair to me.

  5. Of course. And it has been done many times - Evita, Chess, Spongebob Squarepants, to name a few.

  6. Actually, that was always the title of the movie - it just didn't appear until the end of the story. Although for marketing purposes Disney advertised it just as "John Carter". (Something about all movies with "Mars" in the title are flops - I guess the altered title wasn't the fix they thought it was.)

  7. Microsoft's first OS built with the Internet in mind.

  8. I was with you right up until the last line. In my opinion, anyone can be attracted to anyone.

  9. I am currently on strike, and I have to keep myself away from carrying the red union flag they have to avoid breaking out Do You Hear the People Sing.

  10. Or maybe you could do a few flips and break out in to your "Seize the Day" dance from Newsies.

  11. Whenever I am telling something and get off track I am always tempted to say: “Well that’s another story. Never mind. Anyway…” from Into the Woods.

  12. The best PDF converter I have used (important qualifier - there are many 3rd party converters you can buy), is Adobe's. If you have Acrobat, it is built in. If not, there is an online version you can use for free

  13. Key question: It has been how long since you contacted him?

  14. I will just comment that either you are a Maggie, or you are not. Do you have the A in full voice? If you do, then the part is yours - assuming you can handle the dancing as well.

  15. Yes I do! I am just leaning more towards Diana considering that role kind of resides close to what I would be type cast as & she’s a role I have been looking forward to for a while now, but don’t want to limit my options. I am also very familiar with the dance heaviness of the show, yes!

  16. Seriously, it is so hard to find dancers who can hit that note and sound good. There are very few good Maggie's in the world. If you want Diana, maybe you should flub the A?

  17. A lot of straight people have the idea that in a gay relationship on person is masculine and the other must be kind of feminine. That is dead wrong. It’s two dudes. Two pig-headed, often gross, always-terrified-of-being-vulnerable dudes. How we manage to sustain anything is a miracle of love.

  18. "I'm not sure how to define or interpret the relationship. "

  19. When I wrote 'define,' I was expecting a response like this. It's not that I'm wondering how to explain my relationship to other people. It's more that I want to know that he is having romantic feelings so we can explore those further. If he doesn't have any romantic feelings, I wouldn't want to push for the relationship to develop in that direction.

  20. When there are feelings that you don't know are reciprocated, the first step is to let yourself be vulnerable enough to reveal what you are feeling. That creates a safe space for the other person to also be honest. This is a lot better than trying to get them to show their hand, while you hold yours close to the chest.

  21. For me, a home isn't about the geography as much as it is about the people. It is where I am part of a community of friends/family to which I belong. These are people who have my back and I have theirs.

  22. He was a pragmatic man, but not a vindictive one. He would use Mary's story to get what he wanted. But once Mary was gone, there was no real point. It really didn't serve his interests one way or the other. And, he had affection for Mary.

  23. This is the way - you plug in the new drive to some kind of external enclosure, and you use cloning software copy the partitions over. (I use Acronis, since I have it anyway for my backups.) Then take out the old drive, slap in the new one, and the computer doesn't know the difference. Other than there is now more space on the drive.

  24. "I'm the only IT person at a small business..."

  25. First of all, that isn’t a raised bed - it’s a container. The planting medium should emphasize drainage, and be light to get air to the roots and avoid putting too much pressure on the bricks (pushing them outward). It will need drainage holes, just like any other container.

  26. When I played Motel in high school we did accents. This wasn’t my choice, but that of the director. He hired a dialect coach to work with all of us so there would be a consistency in the characters.

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