1. A simple sarcastic joke between friends without even any bad word and a clan member that is not involved report I dont consider it bad language...

  2. World 420 Woodcutting Guild is usually pretty chatty

  3. I don’t even like wc but I’m comin! No one knows how to chat except w1 barb village

  4. I mean.. fk rocket lol just cause it’s been so cheesed in the past.. really does give normal rocket players a bad time

  5. What I'd like to know is if this could in any way have caused the ban from Jagex. I'm not so concerned with Google plays rules as they are the one allowing the app to be downloaded. Edit: what I'm concerned about is that the app itself is sketchy which caused the problem.

  6. Ohhhhh.. that’s what this post is about.. cool I found it.. anywho as far as bans go I just send multiple appeals.. as to why you got banned who knows for example when I go get my herb boxes I like to report everyone standing next to dom.. one time I did this and right after the guy started running towards the bank.. feels bad lol

  7. If they put nerf miner on the loading screen I doubt they will ever touch him

  8. It’s these people that, regrettably, suck a bit of the fun out of the game for me each time I face them.

  9. They also released offers for the ultra OP Phoenix for even arena 1 players, you decide :)

  10. Fight caves are annoying but you can go slow on italy rock and then there's even a free

  11. If shit goes wrong at Italy move to long rock it just lines them up for you keep sweets for run

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