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  1. (John Madden busts through the wall) BOOM! Tough actin’ Tanactin!!!

  2. Damn. I was getting a boner. If I was dude I’d still be vying for some booty, though. Js

  3. Looking pretty good, champ. Lower your chin a bit, spread your stance a little wider and bend your knees just enough to allow better side to side movement. Just don’t rush back from your injury and hurt yourself. Get back to the fundamentals.

  4. Don’t EVEN get me started!!! I’ll just summarize by saying that, “ people are shitty, sometimes”. That whole mob really got under my skin for a time. I have a whole back story about this very thing.

  5. This “girl” is apparently offended that she got called out by someone flexing their intelligence and shitting in hers, which probably wasn’t the dudes intention, but that’s how she saw it. I guarantee it.

  6. That is one of the reasons why i am antisocial

  7. “The Island Boi’s” wore this one best, I think.

  8. Fucking game changer, right here! I’ve been making knives for almost 5 years now and never thought to do this.

  9. I couldn’t agree more. They’re ability to promote Conor proves that they could easily hype any fighter(s) they want and have success. Granted, most fighters couldn’t sell themselves quite as well as he does but one day, there will come another like him or better. Just wait.

  10. Fucking love this song… takes me back to a really magical time in my life.

  11. Yeah… you go now. If you can’t sit and have a cool conversation about shit that doesn’t matter, I don’t want to talk to you.

  12. “Go back to your country”??? I’m glad that chicks face won’t be seen anymore!

  13. Has anyone watched the 3rd season of Love Death Robots on Netflix? The 2nd episode is called “Bad Travelings”. He does the voice of the main character in that story. It’s a cool fucking story too! Check it out.

  14. No matter what happened before or after this footage, this chick is in the wrong and deserves to be banned from all Home Depot’s. She sucks.

  15. Wtf does that even mean??? I have two daughters, am a horny ass motherfucker and those two facts never cross each other’s paths. This guy is just a fuck stick.

  16. I would prevent DC from getting knocked out in the 3rd round of Jones v DC 2.

  17. That wrestling/ clinching/ bjj isn’t true combat. I swear, man. Every time I watch a PPV event with a group and they start bitching when the fighters go to the ground, I want do a single leg takedown into half guard and start raining hammer fists on them.

  18. I’ve seen people say that fighters should “stand up and fight like men and not wrestle like snakes”

  19. When two heavily elite wrestler meet in the octagon, they normally keep the fight on their feet. A good example of this is the fight Gaethje and Chandler most recently had. Both of these guys are National Wrestling Champions and not one takedown was performed!!! It amazes me that it’s like that. Covington vs Usman is another example, both champion wrestlers. But the bottom line is that Jujitsu and Wrestling are amazing weapons for a fighter and watching it at world class level is fucking brilliant.

  20. Just looked it up and he looks like Iji a little bit. Never played a souls game before elden ring and I kinda wanna try some ngl.

  21. Yeah man, when you get to the Undead Settlement in DS3, like as soon as arrive, you can look in the distance atop a tower and see this giant firing arrows. After about 30-40 mins of thorough gameplay, you enter a part of the area where he starts raining enormous arrows down on you and the other enemies. It’s wild! But in true Soulsborne fashion, there’s a way you can prevent him from firing directly at you without killing him and you can even pay him a visit and have a chat. These games really are the best.

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