1. If the Tories ended up with 45 seats, that would be 45 more than they deserve after their pathological lying, unprecedented corruption and the utter contempt they have shown for the general public.

  2. Unemployed doesn't work either, as it's also used by the ONS/Treasury but refers to a slightly different category of people.

  3. "Unavailable for work" might be a better term to describe this group of people.

  4. NTA He has some nerve whining about you going back on your word about paying off HIS bills after he went back on his marriage vows.

  5. Wut you think it's cheaper and quicker to train a doctor than recruit one from overseas, or a lawyer, or an accountant, the list goes on...

  6. Most jobs employers are claiming they have a shortage of workers for don't require anywhere near the training required by doctors, lawyers or accountants.

  7. I can’t wait to watch him try to navigate a tricky vote, could be a fracking situation all over again

  8. Fisticuffs in the lobby! 😂 I had forgotten about that. Another farcical moment brought to us by the Tories.

  9. If she'd bothered to listen to the people who typically advise Prime Ministers, such as the OBR and the civil servants the Tories love to disparage, they might have been able to help her understand it.

  10. The BBC article is reporting from the same interview that she is blaming Treasury officials for not warning them in advance.

  11. I know, right?! The audacity is unbelievable. Everyone is to blame except the Tories for the Tories crashing the pound!

  12. Rishi just seems on the back foot at all times. Just pure weakness. Boris made the same mistakes but always came out blustering nonsense which somehow didn’t come across as weakness to the electorate. Unlike rishi who just comes across as an out of depth pencil pusher

  13. I think Sunak is also suffering from the general public being fatigued by the Tories' bullshit routine at this point. Johnson had really exhausted our patience and goodwill by the time the curtains came down on him. We were all hoping for a very different, more serious and authentic second act, but instead found ourselves at an insipid matinee repeat of the first. The Tory pantomime was funny for a while but now we're all looking at our watches, praying for the show to end. Some annoying kid is kicking the back of our seat, our overpriced popcorn is all over the floor and we just want to get out of this hellhole before the stampede for the toilets starts, but this lot seem determined to lead us through yet another rendition of, "Oh, no, we didn't!"

  14. I think Liz Truss had already caused that to occur, and this is just a small bonus knockdown because people really don't like finding out a politician dodged their taxes.

  15. I think Partygate got us to that point and Truss drove us over the edge and made it irreversible.

  16. Sunak has said he'd release his but is heavily dragging his feet. I think this is just good-old political poking to draw attention to that fact and keep his reluctance to release his in the news for another cycle.

  17. Sunak is worth like 800m so he will have the best tax experts hired so he can pay lowest tax possible LEGALLY, he'l show his taxes and then all the politicians that been in power for decades that enabled all those tax loopholes will complain about him using those loopholes.

  18. If it gets a national conversation started about what the tax loopholes actually are and how we could reform them then that's still progress as far as I'm concerned. I don't know about you, but I personally don't know much about what tax loopholes are currently available for the rich to exploit and I expect that the majority of people in this country are in the same boat.

  19. I was walking my dog in the park a few weeks back and saw a bloke loading loads of bits of trees that blew over in a storm last year into the back of a van. He cleared off quite quickly when he saw me so I suspect that he was planning to either use them for one of these or sell them to people who do and was worried that I would grass him up to the council. Considering that they've failed to move the deadwood for months and it's making the park look a mess, he was doing a public service as far as I was concerned.

  20. As part of that youg generation. I can confidently say I will never, absolutely fucking ever, vote tory. I would rather gouge out my eye with a rusty teaspoon

  21. Same here and I am on the older end of that generation. After the utter contempt they have shown for people my age and younger throughout our lives, I don't think there is anything they could do to win my vote at this stage.

  22. That's not clear to me at all, which is why I'm asking OP. OP says they haven't seen a doctor in the last 2-3 years. That doesn't mean they haven't been diagnosed previously. They might also have had a discussion with their teacher about these issues regardless of whether or not they've been diagnosed.

  23. If you have a diagnosis for 2-3 years, school is aware at this point and have it ironed out.

  24. Thanks for your contributions to the discussion but I would rather wait for accurate information from OP before giving my judgement, rather than making one based on your assumptions.

  25. Incredible how this sub positions itself as a left wing, anti tory, pro welfare state subreddit until a mother is involved

  26. Yeah, it's almost like this sub doesn't position itself as any such thing (except in your imagination) and is actually not a monolith but a large number of individuals with varying political views.

  27. You think this sub doesn't position itself as anti tory? And that there's not an overwhelming bias in favour of certain ideological points?

  28. It’s gold for politicians looking for a distraction from their corruption as it feeds into several key emotive issues for their followers including xenophobia, nationalism and a desire to blame an external element for self-inflicted harms. It won’t ever go away as long as there are people willing to exploit it for their own benefit.

  29. And people guillable enough to fall for it. It can't do its evil work without both of those elements.

  30. No surprise that it's a Soviet propaganda technique.

  31. How about parents take some responsibility for the children they have created by supervising them online and implementing parental controls. It's not reasonable for every adult to be subjected to gross invasions of their privacy so that some lazy parents can misuse devices as babysitters. It's also not going to work because people - including some of the children this bill claims it seeks to protect - will inevitably find ways around the restrictions.

  32. The problem with ignoring these posts, is often that they're spreading dangerous misinformation and they make their way up the sub regardless.

  33. So downvote it and report it as misinformation so that the mods can remove it. I get why commenting to correct the misinformation is tempting but it's just making the misinformation more visible to more people. The people who are posting and upvoting the misinformation are not posting in good faith. You're not going to change their minds. I think most of the rest of us know exactly what they're doing and why.

  34. The issue specifically is that these posts getting the level of submissions and upvotes compared to the level of engagement is suspicious.

  35. Yes, I'm aware. I identified that as an issue in my first post that you responded to and have suggested a number of solutions. Sorry if you don't like my suggestions, but that is what this topic is for. Perhaps you could suggest some solutions that you prefer.

  36. What political comeback? She can say she's "planning a political comeback" but that doesn't make it so. Who the hell is going to vote for this muppet after the damage she caused in such a short time? Almost the entire country hates her.

  37. She's beyond hopeless. What she can do though is find 10 or so fellow idiots and together with other rebel factions stand a pretty good chance of shutting down government business she doesn't like. And in this way she can hope to wield influence.

  38. Would that be a bad thing? Given the damage the Tories have done to the country over the last few years and that they don't have any political will to solve the problems they've created for ordinary people, them doing nothing until the next general election might be the best possible likely outcome.

  39. I work in emergency operating theatres and we're trying our best, believe me please. Fuck the Tories.

  40. I believe you and can't wait to vote them out at the next opportunity. All my family and friends feel exactly the same way.

  41. It's genuinely fucking embarrassing. Imagine being the person that has managed to single-handedly cost a government billions of pounds, almost destroy hundreds of pension funds, survive less than a literal lettuce in office. And still defend yourself.

  42. She must have spent the last few months since she resigned fermenting in a far-right echo chamber of 55 Tufton Street operatives, American private health care executives and sycophantic interns living off their trust funds to have reached this conclusion.

  43. No love, you were brought down getting the chance to put your far-right economic theories into practice and the country seeing what an unmitigated disaster they are.

  44. Not with this government. Ask us again after the next general election.

  45. Why don’t the parents take responsibility. Until a child earns a income, the parent is 100% in charge of their internet access.

  46. They can't be arsed to watch their own kids while they're online and are so unbelievably entitled that they think a reasonable solution is to impose internet restrictions on the entire country instead.

  47. I know this is a radical idea, but perhaps the solution is for parents to supervise their minor children's internet access.

  48. How about taking some personal responsibility for your fuck-up, Liz? Or does personal responsibility - like everything else the Conservatives preach - only apply to other people?

  49. If the OBR and the IMF, the Bank of England, world stock markets and billionaire investors look "left-wing" to you then you might just be a far-right extremist.

  50. Oh well, they'll just have to learn to budget better like they've been telling striking workers to do.

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