1. John mayer definitely was - dear John was meant to sound like a John mayer song on purpose. Maybe Joe Jonas too?

  2. Hmm since you seem knowledgeable about PR, let's say taylor broke up with Joe and came out as a lesbian - what would happen?

  3. On another note: I’ve never listened to Taylor’s music so not sure what the hype is. Can someone recommend some songs ?

  4. Taylors appeal comes from her confessional music telling a complete story together. You get to see her grow throughout the albums. That's why people find it so relatable. "A good taylor swift lyric is good precisely because its a taylor swift lyric" is a good thing I heard a reviewer said when explaining why people like her lol

  5. Ok. I completely do not understand the Conor angle. Why would a 17 year old want to be a beard?? At the same time, I don’t understand why a 23 year old Taylor would date a 17 year old boy either.

  6. It happened right in the middle of taylor/dianna, likely her publicist just wanted her to get a boyfriend, any boyfriend.

  7. The Lana del rey wiki has this super useful feature of a calender archive of everything, if we had that for Taylor it would certainly make things a lot easier

  8. Oh, sounds useful! Do you have a link to her wiki or know who started it? :)

  9. As a longtime fan I can confirm her obsession with her reputation has been her most prominent trait since the end of the Fearless era. Literally every album and era since Fearless has been an obvious reaction to the way public and media have perceived the era/album before it. It’s pretty obvious once you notice.

  10. I can definitely see this for every album except red. (I don't really know anything about how speak now was perceived at the time so I guess I can't make a connection there)

  11. No you’re right. Red is the only album that doesn’t fit the theory 100%. You could make a case of Taylor being obsessed with awards and sales and probably being disappointed that Speak Now wasn’t even bigger success than Fearless (tho it was still massive of course) and so she basically changed her music and fashion style and went into a more adult direction. (Honestly I bet Taylor would love to do the princess imagery to this day if she could.) Tho that can also just be her normally maturing and might not have been AS deliberate as the other choices with other albums, so even I can admit this is bit of a reach. Also pretty much all her albums feel musically like a natural progression from one to another until Reputation so again maybe not a super reactionary decision on her part.

  12. I guess you could say that speak now not having any smash singles is what made her comitt to the sellout trilogy of 22, ikywt and we are never ever getting back together lol

  13. I have a meticulous chart of the best 3h pairings, class combos, and joke builds.

  14. This is so me-coded omg. I'm exactly the same.... sometimes spreadsheeting is more fun than playing the game 😭😭

  15. And she’s not a bad singer necessarily either, definitely needed a vocal coach early on though. Whoever sent her on snl did her dirty

  16. In an interview right before that incident she was asked if she was nervous and she said something like "yes, if it goes wrong I'll guess I'll have to kill myself!" 💀

  17. Imagine the plot of three houses, now imagine it but nothing makes sence.

  18. If you're fine with outdated mechanics then the stories of some Megaten are very mature and depressing. SMT 1, SMT 2, and Persona 2 all have amazing stories and are very atmospheric. Work great on phones too.

  19. I know this is a complete tangent but can someone tell me what happened to phcj

  20. The mods got busy with their lives and Phcj numbers were growing intensely but only recycling 3 jokes, (beyonce/lizzo stuff, taylor jet scancdal and the gaylor stuff) all of which were a pain to moderate, so they decided to take a month break. Turns out all the good phcj stuff started right after they shut down though....

  21. So helpful!!! Also that persona 5 ps3 save will probably be pretty useful in the future since ps3 emulation will come much quicker to phones than ps4, though that's obviously not possible yet

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