1. Spothero app: Find cheap parking close to the Broad Street Line and take the subway to the game. The ride back is free after the game

  2. I did well! I broke an hour and a half and then spent the day in downtown. How’d you do?

  3. Interesting. The pick 6 is probably my favorite play of a game (only when we do it of course)

  4. I think defenses will focus on AJ hopefully providing opportunities for Devonta. I like Smith but I don’t think he would have gone for 150 plus yards this weekend if he were the number one

  5. Am I the only one that won’t ever watch the Manning broadcast? Was never a fan of either one

  6. Needed to get the RBs more involved early but nice to see Hurts be able to get out of trouble and extend plays

  7. Cousins in 6-3 vs the Eagles plus they have Jefferson. It’s going to be a shoot out type of game

  8. Pretty impressed by Hurts on Sunday. Let’s hope he’s consistent

  9. Hate to see anyone go down even if they aren’t our best player. Now we’d be thin at DE if anyone else gets hurt

  10. The way our defense looked against the Lions, I’m worried about Cousins/Jefferson

  11. Hurts definitely looked good yesterday! I thought AJ was the missing piece. No way any other receiver on our roster could have done what he did

  12. Agholor, Barnett, and Wentz were pieces to the Super Bowl team. Reagor was a bad pick but otherwise the list isn’t terrible. No team is going to draft an elite player every year

  13. Not a fan of Gannon’s scheme. The DBs play too soft

  14. Just once I'd like to go into the opener healthy with no major injuries ☹️

  15. We’ll see once the season starts, but I don’t really remember a time the team was this healthy going into a season

  16. I wish we kept him as depth. He wasn’t great, but knew the defense

  17. I don’t think he’s going to be a chemical engineer for much longer, probably already terminated

  18. Don’t know how he’s a chemical engineer with that attitude

  19. I have heard from a friend that they will pay very well, but treat you like an animal almost. Constant hard work and micromanagement. If you're ok with that, go for it, if you aren't, it's not worth it.

  20. Thank you! With as much hiring as they do, it makes wonder if they’re super selective, people quit, or they get rid of employees for small reasons

  21. I got an offer. It’s very good pay but I just wonder how the actual job is. I’ve never worked for a warehouse before and I see they’re always hiring. Makes me wonder how long the average tenure is

  22. Played well in the 2nd preseason game. He’s probably going to get picked up elsewhere but hopefully we can bring him back on the practice squad

  23. Nothing interesting out of my home airport of Philadelphia. Before 2019, delta used to do summer service from PHL to London and Paris. It was dropped before the pandemic so I figure it’ll never come back now

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