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  1. try peanut butter and maple syrup, spread into a white flour tortilla then rolled

  2. You know how we all mumble to our self in public, and suddenly you get eye contact with someone and they look at you like you are crazy? Like: stop staring weirdo.

  3. right, or have a fake conversation in your head, then something make you snap out of it and you realise you've been making weird faces for minutes

  4. My favorite thing on reddit is when people ask for advice and are like “i dont want to do X” and the top two comments are “just do X”

  5. almost as bad as stack overflow, like "how do I do X in this language" and the top green check mark will be "just pick a different language" like sure let me redo the entire company project in a different technology

  6. I think the issue here is less about their number and more about yours. 20 is a small number for some and a huge one for others. So I can only awnser your questionwith a question. .. does their experience "make" you feel inexperienced? Or like you have a problem?

  7. a majority of people don't care about morality so much as they care about what is socially acceptable.

  8. Most everyone seems to be getting this wrong. The smell is due to the reaction of the chlorine with urea. While Urea can be found in urine, our sweat is mostly Urea. The pools aren't dirty, per see, nor filed with pee. The pool users just aren't showering before using the pool as the rules almost certainly say you must before swimming.

  9. Alt + enter or the windows key and the arrow down.

  10. thank. it is alt-enter in my case because I have a left handed keyboard with the enter key close to the left ALT key

  11. Figure out how to connect to an API and do something with the data that you get

  12. I watched a small show about this. They want to bring back large animals into tundra areas like rhino or elephants to naturally knock trees down. For now they just use retired tanks.

  13. je n'achète pas de petits fruits, mais j'ai remarqué ça pour les patates et les oignons. j'achète un grand sac, puis il y en a déjà plein de pourries dedans

  14. I don't think that is a correct read of what happened in the film. Yes, Riddler believed that he an Batman were after the same things, but the messages were not to implicate Batman or to get help from him, but to indirectly communicate to him "Thank you for inspiring me."

  15. Additionally, the deceptive marketing that all companies do. Such as juices with the “made with 100% natural juice!” But really the 100% natural juice is 2% of the entire drink. Making stuff seem healthy that actually is not. Basically goes across all those fruity kids products like juices, gummies, etc

  16. another one is boxes of cereal bars with brown font, old timey imagery of whole wheat and bran, maybe a picture of an orchard making you think it's health product but look at the nutrition info and it has as much sugar as a candy bar

  17. Thoroughly recommend anyone with knee problems to check out 'kneesovertoesguy' on YouTube, helping thousands with knee pain successfuly,

  18. well that's serendipitous, I just started having knee pain for the first time in my life like a week ago. will check it out

  19. J'ai un locataire qui est parti lundi pis la je torche son appart par les soirs avant que le prochain arrive vendredi. Ya dont ben du monde qui avancent jamais leur four pour laver ce qui a en arrière.

  20. en tant que locataire je ne déplace jamais les gros électros. si je graffigne le plancher juste un peu tu peux être sûr qu'ils vont me le faire payer ou garder mon dépôt de 2 mois.

  21. worse than not reracking the plates is reracking the plates on the wrong rack, blocking other plates

  22. I have to disagree. The whole purpose of a power rack is to give the person inside of it extra lifting power. So if someone is focused on building their arms, I actually encourage that they do their curls in the power rack, it will add 10-15 lbs lifting ability to an arm.

  23. when some prick designer thinks the uniqueness of their invention is more important than safety, usability, efficiency, etc.

  24. Awesome! I know Adam's brought up the point of "cooking to make people happy" a few times.

  25. I don't know that his has a signature dish, more like a couple of signature techniques / overall mind set.

  26. Non. Je suis d'avis que, selon les chiffres, ça fait longtemps qu'on est dans la phase ou la COVID, en terme de pression sur le système de santé, est une maladie comme une autre. Je porterai un masque si je me sens malade. Je fait des tests de temps en temps, je ne côtoie pas de personnes à risques, et le masque n'est requis nul part ailleurs. Aussi, pas pour repartir un vieux débat, mais je crois qu'il est évident que des masques de procédure/masques en tissus ont très peu d'effet pour la contagion avec les variants les plus récents anyway.

  27. oui, mais j'avoue l'avoir déjà oublié, si je suis déjà à +5 minutes de chez moi je ne retourne pas juste pour ça

  28. How is antony starr so good at smiling while not smiling

  29. I think there is some clever editing going on in this gif. when the light flashes it briefly cuts to a different cut where he looks more angry

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