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  1. Nah they ain’t the nice ones, they’re a step down but I might get the crg ones.

  2. They look the same from here! 😜👍

  3. Looks like the start of a strange, dark or mysterious story.

  4. She’s a Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese cross)

  5. Thanks for the reply. We are looking to get a couple of small dogs after the loss of our beloved Labrador a few years ago. And Morkie are on the list of consideration! So darrrrrreling!

  6. She’s a sweet little pup, with a huge personality. Keeps me entertained longer than Netflix!

  7. What windscreen extension is that? Looks good

  8. Impressive. Not a crane though, it’s an excavator with a grapple attachment.

  9. I use a razor blade or box cutter style utility knife to separate, breaks the bond and then just pull it off. Don’t need to replace every time, just flip it and it will form a fresh seal.

  10. James Gandolfini, don’t even need to say the role

  11. Bring it to Prime Fasteners. Several dedicated repair technicians and much quicker turnaround than the other shops mentioned here.

  12. calling BS on that. Access puts on there site 175 down and only 10 up. Sasktel's slowest internet plan at 20 down is 10 up. 300 is 150 up

  13. Not the case in my recent experience. My Utorrent program shows me actual speeds in progress. I can get photo evidence😜

  14. Your torrenting speed is also entirely based on the uploaders (Seeder) connections.. and if you're talking about /your/ upload (you're seeding) I think you might have a bigger problem.

  15. Access is still faster. Also, Netflix would always be buffering with Sasktel on UHD video. Haven’t had that since switching to Access.

  16. You didn’t watch “Better Call Saul”!

  17. Been there, done that. Don’t waste your time with renting a dolly, it doesn’t help much! Call Somerville Safe & Lock, nice guys/local business/very professional.

  18. Fellingers. I’m always impressed with their ground beef.

  19. Get a Kaoko throttle stabilizer, I love mine.

  20. I made a similar progression, only in reverse. Word of wisdom…. KEEP THE FZ09, best of all worlds.

  21. Prince of Wales should be repaired AND paved from there to hwy 46. Would be a convenient road if it wasn’t a goat trail. I find myself going back and forth from the east end to the northeast commercial/industrial area often but always take the long way around to stay on decent roads.

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