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  1. casually spreading propaganda and misinformation towards the dprk which in turn, normalizes it... nice! cia truly doing god's work!

  2. Normal person - "Points out someone influenced heavily by propaganda"

  3. Absolutely insane how easily most people are influenced by CIA propaganda 🤦‍♂️

  4. I got hppd a few days ago, and ik it can fade in weeks to a month. So I'm not smoking weed, but ik that I can't go my whole life not smoking weed, should I continue to smoke weed during hppd until it goes away, or should I stop smoking weed until it ends, but I'm also scared that when I smoke when it ends, it can restart it.

  5. For me personally it never ends it just gets improves and you get used to it. I went like 6 months no smoking and when i smoked it didn't make anything worse but everyone's different. I've heard some people getting a lot better, smoking then it gets worse again. Basically Russian roulette

  6. How long did it take for the afterimages to go away? Did you try any meds?

  7. Like 3 or 4ish months. I took supplements but i dont anymore, im not too sure what kind it's been a while

  8. do not start with 15-20 mg that’s way too much for someone 130 pounds who has never done an opiate before. back in the day i could pop a 5-10 and be in a great place, and i was 200+ pounds. start with 5 mg and work yourself to 10mg if you don’t have any adverse reactions n don’t feel sick

  9. Thanks for this reply, most helpful one. I only took 10mg a and for a little bit I felt like I was about to puke but didn't, glad I only took 10mgs.

  10. i’m very surprised at the comments saying start with 15-20 mg for your first time 🤣 probs ppl who take much stronger opiates n forgot how sensitive your first times can be. sadly, tolerance builds extremely fast, then people move onto stronger, more dangerous opiates.

  11. I've taken hydros before, most I took was 25mgs, that was a little over a month ago so I wouldn't think my tolerance would be very high at all if at all. And yeah I'm making sure to be safe with opiates, nothing wrong with a little experimenting as long as I don't do it everyday or get hooked yk

  12. 20mgs. you a pos for taking that if you’re mom needs then for a surgery she just had…

  13. Yeah cause my mom needs it from the surgery she had in 2014

  14. Just give me a response man an emoji don't help 😪 im gonna take them either way might as well be safe

  15. How is it that homosexuality exists even though they don’t reproduce

  16. How does one play bass in a marching band?

  17. Front ensemble up with the xylophones and keyboards and stuff like that

  18. One time me and my buddies had weed but no pipe or wrapping paper so we used an apple to make a pipe😭 a few months after that we used a banana lmao

  19. Most people are gonna tell you "just don't do it", which is my advice too. I'm a recovering opiate addict and it's not a road you wanna go down.

  20. Thanks for the advice man 🙏 I'm just worried about the little bit of alcohol being in my system theres not a lot of info on it for small amounts it just says don't do it but that's all if you've taken a lot of alcohol so I'm just trying to be as safe as possible

  21. consuming drugs with alcohol makes them much more addictive as well (alcohol and nicotine are the worst for this), my advice as well is to just not. if you're taking hydros because you're bored, go buy some weed and watch a movie lol. doing that shit was how those I know got started on the road to heroin or serious pill habits, and legit pills or "safe" heroin (stuff that's not cut with fent) basically don't exist now, it's all just straight fent. Isn't really a safe in between point tbh

  22. I would smoke weed if I could but I have hppd so I can't really smoke anymore :(

  23. Nvm🤣 disregard my previous comment. Yo ass just got way to baked. Carts are alot more potent then you think. Which your cart don't look cut neither I've had plenty of em. I just can't get over the fact you seen geometric shapes. Man you either way to young to be smoking or need to stick to one hit wonders. You can't handle two

  24. I was 16 when this happened, 17 now, had been smoking for a long time and this had never happened. it was probably spice, which is the only drug that makes sense for this kind of reaction, especially for carts.

  25. Broo no synthetic weed/spice don't do that neither. If you wont ill send you some real shit that'll definitely make that "spice trip" feel like nothing

  26. Everything I researched about spice said it literally does that, along side with my other hallucinations like an out of body experience and auditory hallucinations. I dont want any drugs also I got hppd from this cart and have to be sober or it gets worse. And weed doesn't cause hppd unless you've done psychedelics before hand.

  27. You could use some more responsible friends, someone older that takes care of their responsibilities and thinks about their future. Dude, stay away from spice. I’ve seen a ton of people fuck their heads up permanently. Literally tons of people. Thought about checking out an NA meeting? I think your dig that on a lot of levels? Give you’re future some thought and keep the friend that you trust and have understanding with close. How old are you?

  28. thanks man i appreciate it. i have been sober from everything ever since smoking spice. im 17.

  29. I don’t have an answer, just curious. The drugs you say are off the table, did you have bad reactions with them? Or just know it won’t interact well? I’m curious how hppd would be experienced on ketamine and stimulants especially

  30. well ketamine being a dissociative would make the depersonalization/ derealization aspect of hppd worse and ive heard on the hppd subreddit from people who have taken ket with hppd makes the visuals worse aswell. i hear stims make visuals worse as well and i dont want to take that chance

  31. Stay away from that stuff. You know it’s fake, why risk it? You may be too young to remember the Florida man who got high off synthetic drugs, and started eating a homeless man’s face. Synthetic / fake anything is a big no.

  32. yeah ive heard of that story although i think that was bath salts. spice is still awful. i had no idea it was fake also but i learned my lesson buying street carts lmao

  33. Bro your brain isn’t developed quit fucking it up with fake carts. I hope you learned a lesson. But the fact that you went back to it tells me you didn’t. I’m sure lots of people here smoked in high school as did I but I’d also venture lots of wish we would’ve waited until later in life. You’re still a kid. Enjoy being a kid. Trust me being an adult kind of sucks ass so live the high life while you got it instead of vaping poison carts homie. Also you’re probably going to have this post get removed because you’re not old enough to be in this Reddit, may I recommend saplings instead

  34. yeah i understand what your saying but i thought i just got way too high or something my friends said its all in my head so i didnt think anything of it. ive stayed sober since that last time i hit the cart which is like 6 months. ive definitely learned my lesson lmao

  35. Might be projecting, but I think most people with HPPD probably have some form of a substance abuse issue. Personally I wouldn’t risk using benzos, maybe if my case was more severe

  36. i dont have any addiction problems honestly after i got hppd from spice i quit it without skipping a beat and when im around friends that are smoking i dont have any temptations. i think if hppd got bad enough i could take kpins and not get addicted, just take one when visuals get really bad.

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