1. Now Valve has the top 2 VR games available

  2. If you're better at doing IIMYM, then why are you trying to force yourself into something different? Stick with what works best.

  3. Sorry, what’s IFMYM (I googled it and couldn’t find anything that specific)? Clearly a newbie

  4. A dad and daughter get diverted on their way to Paris

  5. Download a mod called contrast adaptive sharpening for VR. Don’t use a mod manager, just replace one file (fo4_openvr) in your fallout 4 directory (steam, steamapp, common, fallout 4 vr by default). Open the file, change enable oculus emulation fix to true. Then go into steam in game and select a community binding that emulate oculus control. Now all your control prompts in game will show up right.

  6. Might be that something's changed recently, but FYI this did work. However I had to copy both files in the zip to the FA4 directory. Once I did that and changed the bindings, it works pretty well. Many thanks!

  7. Bioshock infinite hooked with DirectX11 and geometry 3D, but no DirectVR Scan option

  8. Playing games on a laptop's battery severely reduces performance and risks damage over the long term. Buy a Switch or a Steam Deck if you want something to use primarily on an airplane.

  9. yea I know, but that's what really what I was asking. Just looking for actual data about the component hits on battery

  10. I agree, VorpX is poor. The Luke Ross mod runs really well though. I was getting around 67fps and am running an i9 with a 3080ti, that was with ultra settings. You can probably find the mod for free if you look about.

  11. We have identical rigs, what resolution are you rubbing ultra at? My 3k by 3k looks best on medium (more than ultra). I’ve also found the increasing resolution improved graphics more than the graphics settings. What do you recommend for best balance of fps/fidelity?

  12. I posted an update, thanks for y'alls efforts. Ultimately, reinstalling windows 10 ended up being significantly less time spend than trouble shooting further. I edited the post to reflect as much

  13. Same problem here with an earlier generation HP HMD - not recognized by SteamVR at all for several months now. Reinstalled everything several times, no help.

  14. What did you end up doing with it? Just return it?

  15. You bought Quest 2 just two months ago. Why the G2 now?

  16. Had it for longer than 2 months (curious where you saw that?) but I bought a sweet gaming pc the reverb g2 felt like the best bang-for-buck for performance upgrade. But, seeing as how I can't get it to work, this is a decision I'm quickly regretting

  17. Did you mean "1-8"? That means that the resolution you're running isn't "liked" by WMR.

  18. HMD not found, error 108 (not 1-8). WMR menu has no available app for steam or SteamVR, SteamVR when run from the desktop doesn't recognize the headset even though Windows Mixed Reality Portal is running and recognizes the G2 and can show a preview from the G2

  19. I did, partially at least. I couldn't crouch while on first person but it worked by switching to 3rd person. I can't remember which button it was, though, right joystick pressed (R3) perhaps? It shouldn't be a problem if you try all buttons.

  20. Thank you! I will try this tonight!

  21. How do you crouch when playing with Ashley??

  22. You need the compatibility layer for WMR:

  23. Yea, I’ve gone through that too. Trying it with SteamVR and the beta.

  24. What amount of latency people consider acceptable is somewhat subjective, maybe jump on the virtuak desktop discord and ask in the #shadow channel for advice?

  25. Stating the obvious here but Uncharted/Last of us (leaning more towards uncharted)? Control and Remnant were the first in mind as well but they're already mentioned. If you like cartoonish non serious stories then maybe Zombie Army or the strange brigade as well.... A wildcard suggestion here but check out risk of rain 2. Combat is fast paced, im not too sure that it has a story but it does have lore. Might interest you if you enjoyed returnal.

  26. Loved LOU1+2, couldn’t get into Uncharted. Felt like watching a B movie

  27. Tried RE2 but it felt really slow paced to me. It did look great though. I’ll give it another try

  28. I use a Lepow 15.6" monitor with my portable arcade setup and I like it. I can run it and my Super Console X Stick for a little over 8 hours off the same battery.

  29. Yea built in battery. But curious: which external battery do you use? And why (vs getting a built in)?

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