1. I think they would not shake hands.

  2. Links to product & how to’s ?

  3. Sometimes when people appear to post less on social media or publish less content, it means they're working harder than ever on bigger projects.

  4. True .. But in between those moments .. An update to the followers would be cool

  5. First video I watched that really caught my attention , Even tho Im sure they did not come up with the idea was “ Sneak into places using only A green vest & clipboard “ then I think they really sorta “ blew up “ when they tricked the internet with Justin Bieber / burrito picture .

  6. I have 160k on my 2015 base model love it no problems with maintenance.

  7. Any work to EGR system at all?

  8. I did clean the EGR and intake manifold around 140k but not the EGR cooler.

  9. I work with my hands . But auto work Im not to familiar with other than oil / brakes .. simple stuff

  10. Agree with all of it really

  11. I know its seems out of the norm but We had A parrot when I was A kid .

  12. What times are the press conference?

  13. Was it made official or only hyped that winner takes all?

  14. Note: you will need to purchase a subway card in order to Exit from the AirTrain. The AirTrain does NOT accept OMNY aka "Tap to Pay" like the rest of the subway system. There are multiple machines at the exit for you to do this.

  15. Oh god, the thought of 10 clueless tourists trying to get on the AirTrain is stressing me out...

  16. Only for A day so You wont have much to worry about

  17. All the Lexus are 3rd gen Prius engines. My 2011 lasted 235k miles. Changed the oil every 10k miles. Topped off the oil every 500 miles. My ct burned a qt of oil every 1k miles for 150k miles before the engine finally died. No head gasket issues but I did have to clean the egr and replace it. Now I have an extra for when I want to clean it again I can just swap it out.

  18. So Your CT only made it to see 150k?

  19. And how would I know what Generation engine I have ? I see that being talked about a lot but tried A quick google search with no help.

  20. Edmunds.com or mfg websites (Ford/Chevy) will give you the make/models complete details, specs and dimensions.

  21. Thanks , Ill look into it soon

  22. Older vehicles that are no longer that common to spot , Info needed from Florida . Again any info pointing me to help finding is really appreciated

  23. Im on season 5 episode 12 of Breaking Bad .

  24. Imagine the people who actually want to be there for the event and want to buy plane tickets / hotel , AirBNB time off work.

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