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  1. For real tho, I would do Beyonce, Silk Sonic, Janet Jackson, and Kendrick Lamar. Fire Performers, Artists, and

  2. Tired of seeing this question in all my subs. Like damn cuz we get it.

  3. 1,4,8 easy but my OG one would be Bob Marley, John Coltrane, and Harriet Tubman 👌🏾

  4. Honestly Bear Spray. If it can take down a bear than it can definitely incapacitate a human. It has a 30ft emission range and the whole can empties in 5 seconds. You can get it at any camping store or Big 5 sporting goods. I got a two pack for $80. I know thats steep but those small pepper sprays aren’t too effective and due to the emission range you can get blowback easily. Not to mention trying to properly aim for the eyes. With the bear spray you can let that mf rip and efficiently take down the attacker. Not only will you blind them but you will fuck up their respiratory system. I would get a man bag and carry that with you with the bear spray inside it.

  5. Jar jar binks currently

  6. Ghost Rider. Is immortal, has interdimensional, travel, access to demonic magic and damnation, control of hellfire and when formed with Dormmamu (Ghost Rider #30) he basically had the power to decimate the entire universe. Get blazed muthafuckas

  7. Francis Ngannou or Brendan Schaub. Sometimes i get carried away on my cheat days lol

  8. Rodent manager lol. Had to read that twice😂

  9. Really want Pereira to bring the dog out of Izzy. He’a getting to comfortable but i get it tho, get the bag. But damn i want that Gastelum performance again. And i think Pereira can do that

  10. Draymond got that reverse ski ball jumpshot😂

  11. Well it takes one to know one for real lol

  12. Embid big ole clumsy ass man. Dude need to take a ballet class or something

  13. N.Y. State of Mind by Nas

  14. I love Tony like a mf and I really hope he works on keeping his hands up. The division is full of too many bomb-dropping mfs to be letting the hands drop. I know its part of his style but he has to adapt and really want to see him keep fighting. But maybe I'm wrong. All I want now is for him to KO some unranked cans

  15. Tay K’a The Race remix

  16. Side bar left some beat at the end so all of you fuck niggas can loop it and get your lies off SZN

  17. always thought he said "Ceasar" tho?

  18. the real issue is a grown-ass man not speaking up for himself. Shapel a human mat B. zero self-respect


  20. Wow hot take mate😂. Hope Khamzat dusts him real quick

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