1. No it’s still not better e tele as the reason why tele is so good is you don’t need anything it can be a starter or a extender for no cost and setup. Will you need a monster for grief. Also the how would it be foolish if the effect was summon a tear that would be e tele then the foolish part of it is send a card form the field to the grave.

  2. The reason I said it's "better e tele if another tear is on board" is because sending a tear to the grave is essentially a free start to your plays. Also, you effectively send a tear from deck to grave, just with 1 extra step in between. That is why it is a foolish.

  3. Ok the effect of e tele is summon something form deck. And the effect of foolish is deck a card from deck to grave. That’s not what this card does. It summons from deck and and sends a card from the field to the gy. So the only thing you can foolish is the card you summoned if you do then it is not e tele just foolish. And if you send something else to the grave you already have to summon it. If foolish said send you control to the grave then it would be but it doesn’t.

  4. Bro you are actively trying to argue for the sake of arguing at this point. I have said why it is EFFECTIVELY a foolish, and have said this twice now. You are trying to find an argument where there is none. Have fun.

  5. You mean in the main deck? It's Guiding Quem, the Virtuous.

  6. Pretty sure those 2 are conflicting forces.

  7. Well you totally seem like a mighty fine person.

  8. Expulsion and Diablosis are the huge ones that people don't really like. D Barrier is a personal one for me.

  9. I cant believe sky striker is still alive. I also notice they are not using the new support... they gave em like 6 cards and not even a single 1 was good?

  10. Nope lol, all of the new stuff was pretty terrible. Linkage was the last good support card they got.

  11. Because it's probably Decade's fault? Seems pretty obvious to me

  12. Imagine GranGuignol as a secret. It would be AWESOME.

  13. Expulsion 100%. If Expulsion is banned, what do those cards do? Be mediocre setup/extenders for decks that have long since lost any use for them? Always go for the source of the problem.

  14. Obviously the franchise is alive and kicking. Master Duel and Duel Links were huge successes, and the card game is either the second or third most popular tcg in the world.

  15. If you are near Phili, and you want to go to a YCS, then save your money and wait a month or so. There is another YCS on May 13th in Phili, so it is cheaper and easier to convince your friends to come along. Plus it will give you more time to practice and prepare a good deck for the event.

  16. You ever stumble across a super toxic argument about 2 similar shows that somehow ends with both sides becoming best friends after agreeing both shows are great in the most roundabout and anger-inducing way possible?

  17. Unlimits to salad thunder orcust and sky striker, do they want to bring back toss or what?

  18. Aqua Neos is for sniping out Ash Blossom with Dolphin and Dark Law is for a big Macro Cosmos on legs. It depends on what your locals is playing, but generally very few decks in the format are impacted by Dark Law(otherwise they would just hard lose to Kash) while a TON of decks are maining Ash. Considering Branded has a pretty nasty weakness to Ash, Aqua Neos seems to be the best choice.

  19. You're thinking of "Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin", not "Elemental HERO Aqua Neos".

  20. You need aqua neos to get dolphin with fusion deployment. Deployment- reveal aqua neos- summon dolphin- snipe ash.

  21. They top deck about half as many outs as my opponents at locals do. So yes, they are top deck kings.

  22. Does Enter count as a ranger? I know his suit is called Dark Buster, but other than that and him saying "Let's Morphing" to mock the cast, I don't think I'd call him a ranger.

  23. Please, please, please, make him stay evil. It's kinda boring to have another redeemable character or villain with sympathetic background. Let him be cruel, evil & power hungry villain. But if he indeed redeemed, please don't make the reason he turned evil because of mind control or whatever, it even worse and I hate it.

  24. I'd love for him to be redeemed at the end so long as the redemption is done well. Alternatively, I'd love for him to stay evil so long as his villainy is done well.

  25. Let's go! Welcome aboard! Have fun experiencing the terrors of people screaming at you about why they should be able to ash Talents before their opponent declares which effect they are using for the 90th FUCKING TIME.

  26. "You're 20,000 years early to be imitating me!"

  27. Bruh it says there is NO bone rot. Why are you people worrying about something the packaging CLEARLY SAYS you don't have to worry about?

  28. Alear is clearly alternate dimension Albaz. Fell Dragon Jesus with partially red hair.

  29. Nah, dude is just Visas Starfrost with a different haircut.

  30. Branded Fusion send Albaz+DM, summon Lubellion. Lubellion effect discard 1 and fuse DM and Albaz to make Dragoon.

  31. Usually you want to fuse Lubellion and DM into Dragoon with Lubellion's effect though since keeping the Fallen of Albaz in your GY opens up other plays with Cartesia, Albion the Searing, and Rindbrum.

  32. That is true, but in the Kash matchup specifically, you want to fuse Albaz back so he isn't stuck in the banish pile. Plus the multiple bodies on the board is useful in the Labrynth matchup.

  33. There is no greater thrill then resolving D/D/D Abyss King Gilgamesh and looping your entire extra deck for a board that will likely die to Super Poly.

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