1. Jokes on you, if you logged in at 3am there wouldn’t be a queue so you’d just be disconnected when you woke up and have to wait again.

  2. not to mention the usa and nato never specified how exactly they would "intervene" , extremely unlikely to answer a tactical nuke with an all out attack

  3. What else could nato intervention mean. It's literally military intervention

  4. Idk what's more cringe. This post or that I believed it for the first few sentences.

  5. I've had a bizarre couple of nights like that. Last night I had two nemesis.. I didn't even know you could get two. The night before a Crassus AND bulk detonator. All solo. FML.

  6. Well you cant get two nemesis since the nerf patch to it. Nice try lol

  7. He doesn't look good :( take that baby to the avian vet ASAP better to be safe than sorry

  8. This bird is basically already dead. And the transportation to a vet puts a lot of stress on a bird. In that case it's actually better to not go to a vet.

  9. Yeah. I'm sorry about that. Believe me I have witnessed this many times and it never gets easy.

  10. If you don't get down here this instant I will be taking away your gamma! Don't make me call Nikita!

  11. This is a private message sent most likely out of office hours, why would HR have any authority here?

  12. In america people can get fired for simply anything. Tweeting facts about troons? Fired.

  13. Also a windows pro license is like 20-something bucks if you're not dumb enough to buy it from their website

  14. Both are correct, but in my understanding the focus is different:

  15. Exactly, you would say the first one if you want to know why he didnt ask you at all. And the second if you want to know why he didnt ask you specifically.

  16. Das dachte ich auch erst. Laut google ist es aber ein deutsches Wort und synonym zu Gemeinschaft. Es gilt allerdings als veraltet

  17. "Klar", "Geht klar", "Na Klaro", "Klärchen" -> as informal confirmation of an order, or a request.

  18. Well, actually I still have “marble” problem when I speak my native language mandarin, because I am a deaf. So I don’t mind this truth.


  20. Keep in mind that there is at least 80% support for Putin and the war.

  21. ohhh it was not fine for the common german, not even by a long shot. dont talk about stuff you dont know about.

  22. They cry only because it affects them - the same fuckers had no qualms with their army killing Ukrainians - FOAD

  23. You don’t know that. They may have cheered the war and our Z on their window with tape. Then the military came looking for them to fight and they ran.

  24. i wonder if russians have any friends in the world left. except belarussians maybe.

  25. Fr. I only play games on english on english servers. It's the way it's meant to be played

  26. Doesnt matter if it's true that hes trolling or not. Actually if he is not trolling it would be even better as it shows normies how ridiculous their wokeness has become.

  27. "So you're telling me you learned to do ballet... Ironically?"

  28. Well I assume you pc is a heat source. And budgies love warmth. If you have a laptop they will lie on the keyboard a lot

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