1. Tokped sekarang setiap transaksi ada biaya tambahan 1000 ya? Baru nyadar

  2. 1 thing to mention, her eff said "you can afford" That means if you drop her with 7 mana leftover, she can summon all the way from 0-7 mana(minion you technically can afford to play this turn).

  3. Did someone says boobs? Where? /s (I’m not sure if the /s will save my dignity LOL)

  4. Nope,not even close. Ass is better /s (🥸🥸)

  5. Then we can start talking shit about each other accent 👍

  6. Especially if you haven’t seen them in a while and have to blow the dust out. “Hey, baby, let me get that for you.”

  7. And they come bundled with manual on how to "enjoyed" them best

  8. Did you see how the L piece in Tetris is dressed now!? And what the long piece likes to do?! My god, I can't even play Tetris without thinking

  9. True, and dont forget how in pong there's 2 stick juggling 1 ball. Damn the horror

  10. Its animation is cool IMO. The fire/burn spread on the card every turn and finally went *POOF. My only complain is, why they make the animation so slow LMAO. Just burn all of them at once for god sake.

  11. There will always be things to figure out for oneself, and in my experience, using knowledge is more fun than gaining it.

  12. Reminds me of spirit(?) Bosses in sekiro.

  13. "I dont know who you guys nor who this guy in the coffin are. I just came in because i see a lot of smoke from this house and want to file a complain!"

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