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When the love is out of control.

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When the love is out of control.

  1. Ouch!!! Didn’t think those were my vibes.

  2. Is the addict's choice to not use proper grammar and sentence structure, or is that something you gave up with the drugs?

  3. Nah I’m just old and stupid. Drugs didn’t have much effect on that.

  4. If I was your age I’d be way too intimidated to talk to you because you’re incredibly pretty. Maybe take the initiative instead of waiting for them to talk to you. Own the fact you’re hot.

  5. First, I think you need to make sure your cut lines actually match up on all sides (the cut line on the front face does not appear to match with the cut lines on the left and right sides).

  6. Yeah even in the sides I wanted the opening to kind of ride the grain of the wood so it looks super organic.

  7. That’s 100% what it is! Rad! thanks for you brain my dude!

  8. What makes you think there's anything wrong? Nothing you've shown or said would make me think anything had went wrong

  9. Plastic bag with weights and brine in it to hold the peppers down. There was just very very little evidence of any fermentation. The three or so batches I’ve done of Fresno peppers have had lots of off gassing. The habs virtually none.

  10. Hmmm. I'm still a rank amateur, but my best guesses are a miscalculation for your salt %

  11. Filtered water and sea salt, did it all by weight so it should’ve been good. Going to grab some garlic later today. I’ll toss that in there and maybe some water not brine. There’s been legit no bubbling or anything settling that would note fermentation. It looks almost identical to when I put them in almost two months ago.

  12. 38? In what universe? Time move different there I wouldn’t put you over 25 and you’re beyond hot.

  13. Someone saying they don’t love you anymore.

  14. I had some Fresnos that smelled like meat too!! I ended up tossing them but I could never find any info on it

  15. I might end up doing the same. Bought some larger fermenting jars with air locks and all that business. Just start from scratch.

  16. Mine were also in air locked containers but went for a longer than normal time. I will say I’ve also done Fresno fermentation that didn’t smell like that. It must be some kind of infection but I have no clue if it’s dangerous or not

  17. It’s so strange to think of a smell as “spicy meat” but new experiences are good 😂

  18. Liberal and communist. Alternately conservative and nazi.

  19. “And I’ll Go Nowhere” 😂 I’m an idiot.

  20. Fuck that noise, dude! Your piece immediately jumped out to me as I scrolled through the sub. It's so incredibly dynamic, the color palette compliments it so well, the line work is super clean. You killed it, my dude. You have an insta I could check out?

  21. Dustroy1 not much for art there though, couple things. Most things I’ve just given away or tossed over the last 25 or so years. Having an iPad is really helping with things though. I’m serious taken aback, I can’t convey the gratitude I’m feeling right now but thank you. Seriously.

  22. That makes me so fucking happy, dude. Know your skill and know your worth. I've been struggling with that a lot as an artist over the past year and I'm finally at a place where things have lined up in my life , artistically speaking. So I'm more than happy to spread the joy and give credit where credit is due.

  23. That’s so rad to hear you’ve found a bit of comfort with self esteem and art. I’m 40 and still struggle believing anything positive said towards me.

  24. Is the color painted in or done with the chromatic aberration?

  25. Deathproof seriously is just a shit show and overall clique for a lot of these guys just to get fucked up and party( from what it seems). I also really only think nascar is the truly talented one if any to some extent to be honest, or atleast carry his own weight as far as the music. As for the comment in this post about not expecting them to be some top notch "organizers"/"label owners" or anything just cause they are young, or so the reason provided. I think that doesn't really justify much,I blatantly just don't think they are trying at all. There are plenty of artist who have straight up selfmade/entrepreneured themselves as far as booking shows,producing/making music and im sure dabbing into the process of making or having their merch dealt with. Or they definitely have handled their business alot better than what deathproof has showcased. I'm actually surprised in ways that nascar hasn't been dropped from his label yet it wouldn't surprise me and I also believe he probably doesn't care if they would. Just given the negative stuff established with deathproof, affiliation could not look good. They just need to hire people to do the job for them but that probably wouldn't fall through ether.

  26. Don’t write off Malice and OddlyShrugs like that. 😂

  27. I don't know man to each their own honestly, but I don't think they could really carry themselves like that without Nascar imo. I actually dig oddly music a bit but honestly wish he would perform his songs live a little more seriously. I get he's an entertainer,but man lol. I will give you that tho,these two probably are the more talented if out the artist. I feel like deathproof sets their standards a bit with how much stuff they promote and not gonna lie,some of it is just questionable in sense of true quality. I do think slay squad is true fucken killer tho when I seen them live with nascar.

  28. I’d guess that the couple pounds of weed Oddly had in the van might be why he isn’t that serious 😂 All in all they’re really just kids living life how they want. And its rad to see as an older dude who wasted my youth working. I hope they nut up and either learn themselves how to make a real living off their music or someone see the talent and potential in them and mentors them without taking advantage. IMO Malice especially, my first thought hearing him was that he could easily be David Bowie. Meaning eventually just be a legendary inspiration to generations. That kid has legit songwriting talent.

  29. For practice, you can pose yourself in each and draw by reference. Looks like you did a good job on the center that way.

  30. Also I’m not finished with the middle one.

  31. That is me. And I do have the pics of the others just didn’t search hard enough. Do you have a go to method for detail work is more my question I guess? Like brushes and how do you split layers? Or list of techniques used in what order? I’m basically a toddler when it comes to this.

  32. send me ur snap or ig or sumn (over pm if u want) i can send u a vid !

  33. You still got that video? My IG is Dustroy1 I’ve been searching. I can give you the tab to Malice K - Cherry

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