1. Glad we’re getting literally everyone’s input on what will happen

  2. Lol isn't that what discussions on this sub are about? If all discussions were simply trade and injury updates, would be much discussion would it?

  3. I really don’t see that happening. The Ravens are letting him go out and find his deal. They won’t be commenting on that deal until after he signs the offer sheet, because all they’d be doing is negotiating against the other team when they don’t have to.

  4. Right but they have the right to match. They will match and then try to negotiate with him that they can pay him more.

  5. That literally isn’t how it works. Lamar would have already signed the offer sheet. If we match he’s signed to the Ravens for that contract. There are no more negotiations.

  6. Its not how it's SUPPOSED to work. If we match, we don't NEED more negotiations, but things are different for QBs.

  7. User settings. Things like bookmarks, auto fill info UI/color changes

  8. Isn't it odd that Rana isn't even close to being on the India team but is an IPL captain?

  9. If they knew the entire amount up front, they might have decided to just die. This is why they don't let you know the exact amount until AFTER it's done.

  10. Azure SQL with PITR, so one minute old. The problem was, I didn't have rights to restore and it took 4 hours to find out who DID have rights to restore. Saving grace was ALL other systems including login were down and planned that way.

  11. What’s your opinion of Azure SQL?

  12. Mostly yes, but it also depends on your needs. One of the biggest things you should be aware of is that a lot of things you could have done with on premise servers are not possible on Azure SQL. For example, linked servers (last time I checked but it's been a while). Now there are workarounds, but if you're planning on moving 1000s of procedures which use linked servers, you have to account for changing them.

  13. Its just a typo. You have to pay them one Naan for a pound of broccoli

  14. A track this flat is hard to gauge. This is why tracks on either extreme are hard to gauge. Some players can dominate on flat tracks but can't deal with a little bit of spin or bounce. Some other players excel at slowly getting runs on devious tracks without getting out. Either player probably does worse overall on an even track than others.

  15. For the longest time I thought it said buttelligence and I was wondering why it would say that.

  16. I'm glad I got see some of Chris Gayle. Its going to be a long time before we see someone else like him.

  17. I don't even know what the question is but I will still reply. Freedom of speech!!

  18. I am extremely averse to loud, sudden noises. A prank of this type would be the end of my relationship with anyone, and I mean anyone.

  19. Not everything needs to be a phobia. Being startled at sudden loud noises can just be normal

  20. Oh no these 2 trains are on the same track and running against each other!!

  21. Whichever combination allows Dewald Brevis to play at 3 or 4. I don't expect us to win it this year, but I expect an absolute fire of a season from Brevis. Its going to be one of the greatest "I'm here" seasons for a young player ever.

  22. Australia either completely demolishes their opposition or loses somewhat badly. I bet if you looked up most dominant performances by one side, it would be Aus

  23. Drew Carey may not know how to write code but he will definitely find a way to make you laugh and feel better

  24. Good shit, if you were trying to call it possessions discharged or something instead of the actual name of the existing stat that tracks this, it wouldn’t be as funny

  25. Honestly didn't even consider the existing usage stat. I don't mind using a different word, but the idea still holds. It's not just about how long you're in the court for or how many shots you take, although that does matter.

  26. There is only one way to resolve this. They MUST replay the entire game.

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