1. i think that children should confiscate the real guns from police. it's only fair,

  2. Their depictions of trans people have not been great, especially in their "trans women in sports" episode.

  3. Yeah but they said both sides and appealed to nuance at the end of that episode.

  4. they're simply asking WHAT IF big muscly guys pretended to be trans in order to cheat sports. see, now it isn't harmful. south park fans are really smart after all. they're just asking questions. looking forward to their next episode where they ask WHAT IF all trans people are groomers and WHAT IF hrt is too dangerous to be legal and WHAT IF kids are being turned trans and WHAT IF trans people aren't actually human

  5. ummm excuse me?? they make fun of everything because every subject deserves equal vitriol!! it's important for free speech to discuss an absurd made up scenario about trans people and give credence to it for an entire episode! end of discussion! don't question the necessity of it or you're against the free speech of two multi millionaires who have the privilege of apathy towards every issue and only have to introspect if they feel like it

  6. this is ok but you shouldve used the apple strawberry guava flavour diet rite cordial in it instead. because that's the flavour that i have in my fridge at the moment so it would have been momentarily cool to see. you should know this. idiot!!

  7. americans when the common english word for cordial in every other country isn't "Microsoft™ KoolAid© S23 Ultra (speaking this brand name in public unlicensed will land you in court)"

  8. in regards to question 3 - the epilator rolls upwards, the same direction it's dragged, because that's the direction it pulls hair out (you'll be able to tell) and it's the ergonomic direction you'd be holding it in anyway. it's a simple intuitive device, and that becomes clear when you actually physically have one, so you don't need to worry about having to figure it out. worry instead about the first-time pain that you'll have to accustom yourself to haha

  9. for what the anti-woke chocolate lacks in quality, it makes up for in the significant investment they made into a system that immediately drone-strikes anyone who chooses the chocolate that doesn't align with their agab

  10. "narcissism is when you have a sense of self. the more sense of self you have, the narcissister you are."

  11. white men when the pronouns arrive and pronouns pronouns and then they pride flag blm but then the pronouns trans cancel:

  12. i assumed this would be a several month old tweet. they're still going on about fucking stoves???

  13. i was just about to do this and now i don't have to! i'm so glad all death grips fans have no life :)

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