1. West Coast Shaving was comissioning brushes from this guy for about 3 years, and just recently stopped restocking them. They all had 26mm tuxedo knots that are simply amazing. There's no word from WCS if they'll ever restock, so I'm glad he's still making brushes on his etsy shop. Definitely might have to buy another πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. They told me no, which prompted me to look elsewhere. So glad I found the shop πŸ˜…

  3. I appreciate you sharing these beautiful pieces. Can't say my wallet does though πŸ˜…

  4. Glad to see others liking Perma-Sharp. These things work awesome for my sensitive skin. Sharp but smooth, and absolutely no tugging. About ready to order a 100 pack of these.

  5. Have you clicked on the food button to make your population focus your population on producing food?

  6. Just remember technique is key! If you begin to have any issues start with the angle at which you are holding the razor. Don't get discouraged with any bumps in the road, this is an awesome way to shave!

  7. Well thats not what I expected!, cool!

  8. Just have to get it in the right spot. If you are too far past the nut you would end up with a significant loss in sustain, but otherwise yes you can still use open strings.

  9. This whole post needs to be on a mental health sub reddit. Using marijuana as a crutch to not find other permanent means to deal with your depression and anxiety perpetuates depression and anxiety

  10. Justin uses a two amp set up also known as split and grit. It's a very standard technique in metal these days that can be heard on nearly every recording since the 90's and people have gotten it to a point where a second amp is no longer needed. The way this works is you take your bass signal and you process it into two different parts: the low signal and the high signal. The low signal can be just a dry bass signal with no pedals on it, or if you have it a compressor pedal which can go a long way! On the high end you would typically have a distortion pedal which can be generally anything to taste. You can pick up a Boss Ls-2 which allows you to split the signal and run the two parallel (at the same time). The two volume knobs can act as a blend control.

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