1. The lady in the post from 2015 criticized the very idea of motherhood/having children. Fast forward to this year she is currently on her sixth pregnancy.

  2. well that’s one less MAGA idiot to worry about.

  3. Im more worried with all those comments probably agreeing with her

  4. No she gained it and blames the opposing political party for her gain

  5. The mental gymnastics to reach this conclusion is wild. How is a 3rd of her belly in her jeans and still hanging off?

  6. Soooooo after getting Aliens Fireteam, andwe are getting an Isolation Sequel, a New AAA Alien Game, and Aliens Dark Descent. Aliens fans eating good

  7. Also considering 10 years ago in 2012 CoD: Black Ops 2 was doing Timed xbox exclusives vs now is to sell the ever shifting state of cod. Hell if nintendo ever makes an even more popular and powerful console in the west, imagine the exclusivity Activision could offer them

  8. I liked alot of Chapter 3, especially since we got so many new interesting mechanics from season to season compared to chapter 2. Chapter 3 we got Universal XP gain, Dynamic weather, the crown system, the timber trees, rideable animals, No Build/Advanced Movement, items like the Grapple Glove and the Tent which are staples of the game now imo

  9. Im over leveled and the multi-beserker fights are ass. This game was not made for multiple boss enemies vs kratos.

  10. Loved it loved it, but if ur 100%ing it, be prepared to hate Musphelheim.

  11. I doubt I will. Odins ravens are too tedious for me to care to platinum

  12. Eyes of odin isn’t actually tied to a trophy, its literally just there for loot

  13. I think he's meant to be irritating. He's a teenage kid that's lived a relatively sheltered life, has a stern as fuck dad, and is brimming with questions and hopes. His journey in this game was self-discovery and growth.

  14. I did like his growth to be fair but his “I don’t want the prophecy to happen but im following the prophecy by working for odin” idea was really aggravating to watch

  15. Contains one of my favourite gaming moments with Kratos And Atreus Double Teaming Baldur. Best fight in GOW 2018

  16. WAITWAITWAIT did they bring the bug back?

  17. Im currently working on other hero skin concepts for my most played heroes so I hope you all enjoy 😊

  18. Im currently working on other hero skin concepts for my most played heroes so I hope you all enjoy 😊

  19. With the sheer amount of ports RE4 has, it probably needs its own chart

  20. This was suggested seasons ago and imo, helps with the damn Loot Bloat but imagine it for other niche hop ups. An Extended Heavy Mag on hemlock Giving Boosted Loader, Stocks on R301/flatline Giving Anvil reciever, Barrels on Wingman/Dmr giving skullpierce.

  21. The Fuse trademark was previously renewed back in 2019. Sunset Overdrive was also renewed in 2020.

  22. This is a new claim to my knowledge, the Original Copyright had “Electronic Arts” as the Claimant along with Insomniac. This just has Insomniac

  23. It does indeed actually lol. It’s kinda annoying to hold cause of its length so i dunno how good of cup it would be

  24. Ah you should’ve said that in the first place lmao, i lm working on tiandi and orochi currently. I’ll add jorg to my list

  25. I think cas bogs down development and makes the actual characters kind of worthless. Even guest characters are lame when you can fully make your own anyway.

  26. On the note of development, CaS is only limited by budget. Look at games like the upcoming street fighter 6. It probably has one of the most deep and creative Character creators and the game also has an open world story mode. Soul Calibur is only ever held back by budget. Only if Bamco would give it tekken money

  27. So I personally feel that Reversal Edges are a little too strong at low-to-mid tier, but almost useless at competitive tier. As a system it either needs some help or needs to be removed completely.

  28. I feel like Reversal Edges could benefit from taking points from SF6’s Drive Impact system. Give it a rechargeable meter so low ranks wont spam it, make a reversal edge hard counter itself if the person getting hit could read their opponent so they could throw their’s out

  29. Im currently working on other hero skin concepts for my most played heroes so I hope you all enjoy 😊

  30. cant be jan-mar since only the re4 remake will be out

  31. Has a chance of being January. Cause capcom released re 2 remake in January followed by dmc 5 in march

  32. The report doesn't really mention anything directly and make only a slight reference to RE4R. It doesn't say anything about SFVI directly so the release date may just be either undecided or closely after March.

  33. Capcom also have Pragmata and Exo-Primal coming next year too along with announcing dragons dogma 2, Monster hunter 6, Final fight Remake, and Resident evil apocalypse for 2024 so its gonna a helluva year in 2023

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