[Highlight] - Trey Lance to Danny Gray TD

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  1. So sorry we are not entertaining enough for you.

  2. I swear if we gotta watch ourselves get wrecked on national TV for that game of all games it'll be so rough

  3. It'll be fine, Watson isn't any good without Nuk to throw to

  4. I know this is a super nice thing for them to do but written out it sounds like they kidnapped the kids and will kill them should the 9ers lose.

  5. I'm seeing a ton of people say Bears, and I guess I'm out of the loop.

  6. On paper, kind of. We let Allen Robinson go, but he was a non-factor all year. They didn't sign any of the big name WRs, which a lot people have freaked out about saying they aren't helping Fields, but I'm ok with because none of the "big" FA WRs this year are worth the money that was thrown at them (WRs across the board have been grossly overpaid this off-season). Mack was traded and Hicks left, both they both only played like half the season last year and have been in and out and not super productive for a couple of years. Then people freaked because both 2nd round picks were used on DBs, but both of those guys have looked the part so far and will be starters. The O-line doesn't look good right now and looked shaky in the first pre-season game, so that is a concern.

  7. lol reddit's unhinged hatred for kids, and people with kids, really shines through in these threads

  8. He still never gets the credit he deserves with the acting that was done with that character

  9. The guy is defending his long time teammate. This has nothing to do with Watson.

  10. I believe it’s been said that Kubrick mainly casted O’Neal because of how plain his face was and that his face had an emptiness that fit the character.

  11. Yeah I actually wanna see him play more, he looked smooth amd natural

  12. He’ll probably play the whole second half next week

  13. Unironically, I'd like to see Brock Purdy start next game, dude looked good

  14. It's been nothing but negativity on this sub about Lance since last year's preseason TD

  15. Whether you're looking at advanced metrics, or regular metrics, it's Matt Ryan.

  16. I hope that when I die, that in the hours shortly following my death, redditors will show each other pictures of my butthole.

  17. I like the story of the guy who stole a car without knowing there was a baby in the back seat. Came back and chewed the mom out for leaving her baby in the car alone.

  18. It's not that they pressure you to quit out of shame, they're allowed to reassign you to a remote office so usually that's what they do to get you to quit because most people don't want to move.

  19. More like remote office in some jungle outside hokkaido or something.

  20. Yes, all those office buildings that companies decided should be placed in the jungle...

  21. I'm not gonna act like I'm a "throwing motion" expert, so I'll just ask - are there any other starting QBs, or former starters, who have had success with a windup that includes their elbow making a 90-degree angle with the ball pointing towards the ground?

  22. I'm not gonna act like I'm a "throwing motion" expert, so I'll just ask - are there any other starting QBs, or former starters, whose windup includes their elbow making a 90-degree angle with the ball pointing towards the ground?

  23. But shitting on Nestle is an easy way to get upvotes on reddit

  24. I understand why some providers want deposits, you could get ghosted and lose out on money. But I don't know know anybody who would pay a deposit to a provider they've never met.

  25. The guy is the director and also boyfriend of the girl....he is really fucking her...later in the short film...he also cum on her mouth... That was also real

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