HOLY SHIT! THIS Is Why CTB Was So Low for So Long!!! ๐Ÿคฏ GME Tokenized Stock Was Listed on Jan 28th - NOT A COINCIDENCE

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  1. Whatโ€™s happening? Hit 3.02 USD then down to 2.92 USD. And huge volume

  2. This goes on for 2 hours every night, and in just 35 minutes we hit 140K. You can look at the volume table to see past volumes

  3. So between the dates listed, the highest total volume is 72,287 and today in 35 minutes we are already seeing 170,269? Is this correct?

  4. The top entry in the volume table should be the 25th of January my bad

  5. weird action on german market rn bounces from +6% down to -4%. forth and back.

  6. Okay thank you are these volumes usually big for international exchanges? What do you guys normally do in a day out of curiosity?

  7. I just take the volume from tradegate exhange. There is 4 previous ones below from the past four trading days. We already passed yesterdays in 30 minutes, its looking good (I do this for 2 hours, until us pre-market)

  8. I have been manually tracking in Excel for Short and Short Exempt for quite some time and have built a trend line for both as well. It is outrageous how the % of shorts are "Exempt" and have been increasing at an increasing rate. I'll post update tomorrow.

  9. Yeah, its getting crazy, I could also maybe add download to CSV, so you can just grab months at a time haha

  10. Sorry, my computer kinda crapped out there for a bit, so thatโ€™s why it stopped at midnight pst

  11. How is this volume stacking up to our other higher volume days?

  12. Thatโ€™s hard to say, because Iโ€™m using tradegate for the volume now which has more volume in general. But if you look at ls-tc, there isnโ€™t much volume there so for sure a lot less than last week

  13. quickest question : is the Borrow Rate shown in Questrade the same as that

  14. No thin waist, no elbowed antennae, so yeah. This is a termite alate.

  15. Termite frass (poop) Oval created when pieces are dropped out of cavity in above wood.

  16. Termite evidence? I use to find this all the time in my mostly wooden home until i tented for termites

  17. Sorry, I was doing machine learning and fucked up my python versions and I tried to fix it tonight but Iโ€™ve been really busy. Iโ€™ll be back soon hopefully, once I figure it out

  18. People should really stop pushing this "Nothing was ever purchased by FTX in relation to their tokenised stock" shit.

  19. You canโ€™t really ask people to stop pushing a narrative without providing the evidence you suggest is there.

  20. Daylight savings in Germany. Doesnโ€™t start until 12am PSTโ€ฆ oops.

  21. I set my update tool to post at the usual time for the USA, but didn't adjust the time to start gathering price and volume data. Daylight Savings Time doesn't adjust on the same day in Germany and the USA, so for the next week it's going to be just one hour of German market data before US Premarket opens.

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