Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) at Kansas City Chiefs (14-3)

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  1. Idiot for mediocre people. The guy literally plays like 25 year old, while other grand slam champions in his age fall apart or have artificial hips and knees. And somehow mediocre people still want to teach him about medicine and life philosophy.

  2. Right. I don’t why it’s so hard for people, especially on this sub, to fathom that many pro athletes are insanely superstitious. And if the guys is literally the greatest tennis player ever, who are we to question his superstitions?

  3. Can’t have a giant market like KC not making the super bowl. I can just imagine the NFL office crying knowing that the no one will watch the super bowl without the giant city of Kansas City.

  4. It’s not about the market size or even about your team. It’s about the NFL promoting it’s stars, and Mahomes is their biggest star

  5. The refs were out of control tonight, when they decide games like this it genuinely sucks

  6. I thought in the playoffs, refs usually let players play more physically. Felt like tonight there were a lot of ticky tak calls

  7. Romo's commentary tonight has been on point I feel like

  8. Yeah Romo tonight has been different. He sounded much clearer and had the charm that we fell in love with when he started

  9. have you seen him play this year? I mean really seen. not those 7 minute highlights.

  10. I’m not disputing that. He’s a good QB. I’m just saying, if Brady is interested in Miami, why wouldn’t you bring him in? He’s a better QB than Tua right now, and that Miami roster is a contender with consistent QB play

  11. I kinda like it. The simplicity of everything makes their feel great. Usually content creators try to do too much and lose some of that original spark they had

  12. Exactly. It reminds me of OG YouTube before monetization took over

  13. 100%. Fantasy football has made ppl overrate Ekeler

  14. huh??? version of McCaffery is so disrespectful to Austin… smh it be your own people

  15. I really don’t think it is. Fantasy has warped people’s view of Ekeler. He’s a very good RB, but CMC is so much better in every aspect of the game

  16. He’s definitely making too much, and it probably is a good idea to trade him, so a lot of fans turn on him for it, but I say enjoy him while he’s here

  17. The offense that turned the ball over 3 times?

  18. Lol this is very different from they way they are presenting this info

  19. I mean 14-18 is not good, especially in practice. Those kicks in practice should be automatic

  20. Not because of leadership. Because of LeBron choosing to play there and getting AD traded there.

  21. And really, LeBron didn’t care about the Lakers. They just got lucky he wanted to play in LA

  22. Harlan is great, sometimes he gets too animated for my taste tho. I like calmer announcers like Tirico and Buck. Just a personal preference

  23. Lol why would a commentator having bias matter? Much less need repercussions?

  24. Local announcers can be bias. National ones should definitely be as neutral as possible

  25. Besides, I don't get the impression that Packers fans hate the other NFCN fanbases as much as the other fanbases all hate the Packers fans.

  26. Am a Packer’s fan. Personally hate Viking fans

  27. I mean, this is now his 11th missed game in 2 years. Which team is going to want to pay that? I guess I'm sure there is some dumpster franchise out there desperate enough to pay more if it sells tickets, but Baltimore isn't going to do that.

  28. Some team will. If Deshaun Watson can get as much as he did after being out of football for 2 years, the 2020 MVP will get a huge bag

  29. I was at the game yesterday - total bummer. Every run or pass completion looked tough. Nothing looked easy or stress free. I feel like gone are the days where rodgers drops back, has some time and fires a crisp pass in stride. Not a single 300 yard passing game? I know we are spoiled but man, tough season.

  30. They desperately need a possession reciever. Watson is a nice deep threat, but he isn’t that yet

  31. I don’t care how good or bad Walker is as a player, imo his actions go against what it means to be a packer, and I don’t want to see him next season.

  32. Aight bro relax you acting like he killed someone

  33. They have the number 2 pick. They’re in the best position to trade up.

  34. Ok so Lovie might have just screwed them out of multiple FRPs

  35. Think it takes 2 firsts to move up one spot? That would be a haul for Chicago. I doubt it takes that much.

  36. I think so. If Bryce Young is the prize, I could see teams willing to part ways with 2 FRPs

  37. You intentionally cropped the picture to remove their feet. Kyler is wearing tennis shoes and standing closer to the camera than Young,

  38. Looks like Murray is standing closer to the camera too which gives him some height

  39. Isn't GB the smallest market?

  40. Technically, yes, but they have one of the largest viewings from casual viewers, so market size doesn’t really matter all that much for them

  41. Damn I didn’t know the hate for him runs that deep. He gave us great years and helped revitalize the defense with Preston. People keep talking about the captain thing but that wasn’t even that big of a deal lol

  42. The band of people who vehemently defend Carr against any criticism are such an odd bunch. Like, the dude has accomplished next to nothing in his career yet still has rabid defenders.

  43. It’s cause people hate McDaniels more. If there was any coach there that Reddit didn’t have an issue with, Carr would get more flak

  44. He wasn't worried. People were already saying that Jefferson was going to own his ass after 'motivating' him by saying the game earlier in the season was a fluke.

  45. I love when corners win these matchups. Usually receivers win because offense is so much easier, but it’s always satisfying when a receiver and corner have beef, and the corner actually wins

  46. This is such a bad take. Nixon had never returned any punts or kickoffs in any football he ever played. No one in the NFL, including himself, knew that he was going to be phenomenal at that job. They threw him (along with a bunch of others trying for the job) back there because they were out of options and frustrated with Amari.

  47. Well when Amari was struggling, why did it take so long to try out other options?

  48. Non-zero we add Bosa and suddenly have the best defensive line in the tournament.

  49. Well it is one. And he didn’t just coin that phrase for the NFL, it’s been around.

  50. Ik lol, I’ve just never heard anyone call it that

  51. There’s gotta be a better option. Really? The 2nd round WR for the worst team in the league and no future at QB is gonna be your keeper?

  52. I mean it’s not a terrible gamble. Assuming Texans take Young, they’d be reuiniting him with his college WR

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