1. Hey, Fungus made his Debut a while ago as a Kind of Forest Patron and my players loved him. I played him in a Childlike way and one of my Players gave him a „Sword-Shaped Stick“ to play with. It was really Fun, thanks again for letting me use him!

  2. Neither did I, but you have parrot named Merlin, and I have a parrot named Merlin, so it mustn’t be too uncommon

  3. I just checked on your profile to see your merlin hahah soooo cute! I also saw some illustrations you did. I guess that’s common too:3

  4. It’s forty in case anyone was wondering and didn’t feel like googling it

  5. I’m starting to realise that less and less people actually understand what word chewing is-

  6. That’s why you either swim between the flags or make sure your dad is keeping an eye one you

  7. Wednesday addams- suddenly realising why I idolised her when I was younger 🤔

  8. Bro, either way, you look great, shorter looks more mature, but longer looks more fluffable

  9. It takes all my self restraint not to simply adopt a sulphur crested of the street, they’re native here but I want one as a pet

  10. Aren't they super friendly? I always hear about people getting regular visits from the wild ones and some people even have them come inside for part of the day.

  11. They’re sweet, but they’re also demons of mischief and sound like satan when they scream, and they scream all the time

  12. Is it bad if whenever I hear greys growl, I start laughing? I just find it so adorable. 🤣

  13. My gcc fluffs up when he’s mad, I know that I shouldn’t think him being mad is adorable but he’s just really fluffy and it’s so cute

  14. This sweet face is too nosy not to be smooched.

  15. There is heavy dubstep playing in the car while I’m watching this, makes it 10x better

  16. I can kinda see what he was going with with “fefail” but saying it out loud is cracking me up

  17. I personally don’t believe in crystals having powers, but I like having them and hoping they do something- I don’t like that they roped autistic people into it for no reason?

  18. Obviously- uterus = bladder, why do you think pregnant women need to go to the bathroom so much?

  19. I liked having friends- and then they didn’t like the autistic me (I was exited to be friends with them so i started to unmask and me myself around them) so they ditched me and over a year later still blame all the relationship problems on me? They also badmouth me and gaslight the friends I still have in that group and make fun of my for hanging out with the bird when they left me with no one to hang out with and a constant fear I’ll lose my closest friends because they never told me what I is or how I could do better. I’m about done with irl fiends, I have 1 very close online friends I’ve met once irl, and a discord server I feel safe in, (I also have my bird)

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